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Jeff_Birt 10 December 2020 16:03

NEW Amiga DB23F Video connectors, Newly manufactured
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NEW, Top quality, gold plated contacts.

When the Amiga computer was produced the engineers decided to use a unique D-Sub connector variation with only 23 pins for the video cables. This made sense at the time as it was just a slight variation of a well proven and popular connector design. Now, 30+ years later it is a different story as these connectors have not been manufactured for decades and are next to impossible to find.

With no good solution on the market Soigeneris teamed up with fellow Amiga enthusiasts from RetronicDesign to have this connector remanufactured. We are very pleased to announce that we are now able to fill orders for brand new DB23 Female connectors for the Amiga. Whether you want to make a new video cable or your own video adapter we have the new connector you need.

These are top quality connector featuring a riveted metal shell and gold-plated female sockets that wrap almost completely around the mating male connector pins. The solder side contacts are tin plated for easy soldering. They will provide a secure high-quality video connection.

We are working on a matching plastic hood for the DB23 connector which we hope to have out Q1 2021. In the meantime, it is possible to use a DB25 hood, however the mounting screw holes will not line up properly.


Shipping starts about $3.50 in USA and $6 internationally from Soigeneris similar from RetronicDesign



Jeff_Birt 01 January 2021 14:19

Still available.

Jeff_Birt 16 January 2021 14:01

Hello all, we still have these spiffy new DB23F connectors available and new matching hoods will soon be available as well.

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