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LePiaf 16 March 2012 00:17

A600 board versions and accelerator cards
Hello all,

I recently obtained A600 with rev1 version of board, for intention of modding it a bit, accelerating and whatnot, inspired by some of people here and of course for nostalgic reasons :)

Now, I sadly found out that ACA630 won't work with rev1 board (is that fixable somehow?), how 'bout other (older) accelerator cards, are they picky about mobo revision as well?


mfilos 16 March 2012 22:51

As Jens said some revisions have problem with Gayle so I don't think you can do anything more than swapping your mobo revision (or selling and getting another).

AFAIK other accelerator that had issue with revision was the Apollo 630 that didn't like Rev.1.3

Predseda 17 March 2012 00:20

I would suggest to swap mobo. I have the same problem - my A630 is unstable with my 1.3 board (probably due the microcracks on CPU feet), so I bought another MB. Unfortunatelly I bought it before I discovered that rev 1.0 is not compatible with ACA, and of course i bought 1.0. So finally I bought third mobo, now it is the revision 1.5 which arrived yesterday and I hope I will be more lucky with it. The result is I have two redundant motherboards now :-/

LePiaf 17 March 2012 00:22

Well, let's create some table to easily see that info :)


When more info arrive I'll update image or course.

For now I've put Gayle issue for t1 rev, I guess that it relates to that Gayle revision number ending in -01 or -02, but I don't have proof for now.

mfilos 17 March 2012 09:36

Since I had an Apollo 630 and a Viper 630 I can say the following:
- Apollo 630 works just fine with Rev.2D
- Viper 630 works just fine with Rev.2D
- Viper 630 works just fine with Rev.1.5

I wouldn't mind your 1.3 mobo for using my Furia accelerator as my spare current one has some audio issues that I can't fix atm.

Predseda 17 March 2012 10:00


Originally Posted by mfilos (Post 807760)
I wouldn't mind your 1.3 mobo for using my Furia accelerator as my spare current one has some audio issues that I can't fix atm.

Very sad fact is that although I was one of the sponsors of the Furia project (and I am also mentioned on the motherboard itself), I just forgot to order one and I do not own Furia myself. Now the production is over :(

LePiaf 18 March 2012 20:34

I've updated the table for early board revisions (A300-R1) and ACA630, it is an issue with version of Gayle chip, so if chip number ends with 01 (391155-01) it's a no go, but if it ends with -02 than green light :).

On left you can see bad gayle (gal :)), right to it is a good one. Mobos with -01 version can be upgraded to -02 and will work after that.


I found this info while digging forums here, so it might be worth for someone else as well to have it on one place. Table is still pretty empty, c'mon people :)


8bitbubsy 18 March 2012 20:59

How is the Gayle to the left "bad"? I've had an A600 rev1 with that Gayle, I didn't have any issues... I didn't try any accelerator with it though.

LePiaf 18 March 2012 21:21

Sorry, not bad in terms that it does not work in default config - it's just "bad" in combination with ACA630 accelerator card. It certainly differs internally somehow from -02 version and boards having -01 version seems to have additional PLA chip below gayle which is not mounted on boards after that first revision. Docs even mention that it's usage is only for rev0 gayle (which this 01 might be actually). Confusing :)

aotta 03 September 2012 12:49

For upgrading the infor in this 3AD, i can report that my Viper 630 doesn't work too with rev.1 and Gayle v. 01.
Confirmed ok, as known, with 2.d

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