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Joe Maroni 11 March 2007 12:44

Adapt the IRC chat to mobile phones ???
RCK is it possible to adapt the Web interface to makit running on mobile phones ?

i´ve bought an OGO CT-17 (http://www.ixi.com/technology_ct15_ct17.html) this weekend in combination with a data flatrate. tried to login in IRC over web interface but as the interface is based on frames (which the OGO didn´t support) it´s not possible to use IRC with it.

my question is if it possible to create an interface without frames. if not there is another chance to get the IRC working with every WAP supporting mobile phone.

they (http://www.wapd.de/64.0.html) support IRC but the abime.net server is not listed yet on their page. you as admin have to get in contact with the admin of WAPd

it would be nice to get everything running...then i´ll be on IRC everytime...everywhere...:agree

Jope 05 April 2007 14:05

If you have a java capable phone, use a java irc midlet like jmirc. http://jmirc.sourceforge.net/

For Series 60 there are native clients. 3rd ed. users can use mirggi, www.mirggi.net, 1st and 2nd editions use wirelessirc, http://mobileways.de/M/1/4/0/

Webchats for IRC should be used as a last resort only, a real client is always nicer and better. :-)

Joe Maroni 05 April 2007 21:27

thanks for the advise, but my OGO don´t accept new apps installed on it...:sad

but its more powerful than a regular mobile phone...

e.g. it supports ICQ and MSN chats, pushmail and web browsing...at least the only way to have access to IRC is possible over web interfaces...but the abime.net webinterface is build on frames and the OGO just support one frame at the moment...:banghead

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