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fitzsteve 24 September 2010 16:25

WTB - Voodoo 3 PCI

Looking for a Voodoo 3 PCI for my mediator 1200 setup. If you have one spare please let of know price and P&P in UK.


alexh 24 September 2010 16:30

Any reason to get one of those over a Radeon 9200 256Mbyte? Just curious.

fitzsteve 24 September 2010 16:41

The best results Ive seen with Warp3D/WarpOS are with the Voodoo 3 (check out DDNI's Youtube lol.

Still no joy getting Warp3D running on my Voodoo 5 and since the drivers are actually intended for Voodoo 3 thats what I'm going to go for :-)

Mad-Matt 24 September 2010 16:46

I dont know what the problem is with voodoo5 (as ive had it working) . MedConfig should set everything correctly. I cant rememebr if the 8mb video ram max only applies if using PPC, but medconfig should ask all the right questions.

Then you need to make sure the video Address is correct in WarpOS prefs (if using a ppc card - cant rememebr if you have one or not :) ) And then, make sure selecting correct video modes - else wrong colours or nothing)

fitzsteve 24 September 2010 16:58

thanks again for all the help mad-matt Ive tried everything you have suggested to no avail. I have a PPC now but still didnt get Warp3D working before on the 1260.

Now Ive got the WarpOS running the likes of Quake 2 I really want to get the 3D going too I think I will have more success with a Voodoo 3

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