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CodyJarrett 19 September 2001 21:05

Shmups Mk 2
Hey Akira!

On the Shmups page about the Amiga, it mentions Apidya and asks "Does this EXIST? If so, I would love to get my mitts on it =)" Of course it exists!

I think you meant to put this comment on Apidya 2. However, we proved that Apidya 2 doesn't exist some time ago.


Also, on the main page (http://www.classicgaming.com/shmups/index2.htm), it says:

"Shmups is maintained by Akira , Aurang and Felix the Cat since February 23, 1999, taking over the fantastic job..."

In this text, the links to your names are missing the /contactinfo/ bits and result in broken links.

Also, I estimate that there are about 600 Amiga games which could be called shoot-'em-ups, while you only list 70... :)

Fred the Fop 20 September 2001 02:40

I remember a thread where we all discussed Apidya. The game labeled Apidya 2 exists. but Apidya one was on the C-64, right? Like The Last Ninja started on the C-64 and made it to the amiga. Well, Apidya 1, unlike The Last Ninja 1, never made it to the Amiga. I am right or wrong?
And don't call me Akira.

Here is a link to that thread


Ian 20 September 2001 02:50

Apidya is called Apidya 2 isn't it?? So technically there is no Apidya 1 so the real Akira and the $2 whore stand in above are right.

Case closed. I hope:)

Random quote from Cody:

Is it true, that Apidya had a "II" in its name, because there was a Japanese game with the same name?

Chris Huelsbeck:
No, this was a gag to provide for some excitement.... ;)

Akira 20 September 2001 20:30

Yep Cody, I've got to fix that! Teh database is a mess :P

BTW, you say 600 or so... feel free to post a list here... but A lot won't qualify as 'shmups'(as defiend in our Shmups FAQ). As I always say, "Shooters, yes. Shmups? Never!" :)

Thanks for teh otehr reports. I bet there are more broken links we must fix ;) I really wish our site was scripted, we have a hell of a time updating every single HTML file. Scripting it follows (and the implementation of a REAL database-driven shmups list, istead of the HTML mess you see now)

What's my site doing in 'Amiga websites reviews' anyway? :D

CodyJarrett 20 September 2001 21:22

1 Attachment(s)
Shoot-'em-ups, eh? Well, purely off the top of my head I'd say the following. And I don't want any smartass saying that he thinks a game should be in a different category! And why the hell am I telling this information to a website about shoot-'em-ups anyway? Shouldn't you be telling us? :)

Akira 21 September 2001 00:39

Nope, we are always open for contributions :) The Amiga list was compiled almost completely by me and someone else, but I tend to fail :P

From this list you provided I will extract the shmups, put'em on tht list and give you proper credit :) For example, 3D shoot'em ups are automatically disqualified :) Let's paste tht definition bit of the shmupfaq here:


wrote by Malc
01: Oi! What the hell is a SHMUP?

Tricky one this, and full of pitfalls if I don't answer right, with loads of anal-retentives ready to jump down my neck at a slip... ;)

The word SHMUP originated as a compressed form of the term SHOOTEMUP, a label applied to a certain type of game which involved you playing a character shooting things. As far as I can work out, SHMUP seems to be a UK term, and I'd love to know who made it up!

But exactly what type of game is a shootemup then? I'd like to just say that when you know that you don't need to ask what a SHMUP is, then you know. But that's a pretentious load of bollocks, and I wouldn't get away with it.

So how can I do it then? I'm must admit to having a wee break here, as I really don't know. Lets set some simple rules for a wannabe shmup game to be even allowed to know where the party's at:

It must involve you controlling an object which you use to shoot other enemy objects with. (ie, you must shoot things.)

But that would mean any old game like Duckshoot, Doom, Quake, Time Crisis and even Deerhunter could be called a shootemup, right?

Technically yes, so we obviously need to refine it a little more. Remember the terms SHMUP and SHOOTEMUP were coined when there wasn't any 3D polygons and CD games, and the most a machine could manage was some sprites flying about the screen and some basic scrolling.

To a veteran hard-boiled gamesplayer, this was the Golden Age. The subtitle on SHMUPS says something about CLASSIC shootemups - and we all know how hard 'classic' is to define as well!! We're talking the eighties and early nineties here, and what games typified a shooting game in the arcades?

For me, they were: Xevious, one of the first vertical scrolling games ever, Nemesis, which pioneered in many ways with its level/boss structure and of course R-Type, all three of these created a template which is still being used to fashion shootemups today.

So I'm going to define a shmup as this:

A videogame in which you control a flying spaceship / character in a scrolling 2-dimensional environment in which you shoot waves of enemy ships /aliens / bosses and avoid their firepower.

This is my interpretation, and it suits me fine. It's not a tight definition, and it might not be other people's idea of what a shmup is, but that's fine by me! You'll probably notice some games in here which don't exactly, or even nearly fit that definition, but they're here because they add variety and spice and they're damned good 'nearly-shmups'. Contra is one: it's a mix of action platform game and shmup. See if you can spot any others. But don't tell me about them because I probably know already.

Akira 21 September 2001 00:49

By the way, Afterburner would be a third-person shooter, not first person :)

We call those 'chase-view' shooters.

:D :D

Akira 21 September 2001 00:54

Arghhh, I was going to update teh list right now, but I can't eb arsed to filter the list. The platform shooters are mixed with the Rtypes and stuff...

Thanks for the list Cody, will try to take a look at it, someday :p

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