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zap64uk 24 March 2010 15:09

Problems with 3.1 kickstart in WHDload
Wonder if anyone can help?

I am having problems getting any game to load with WHDload that requires the 3.1 kickstart. I have amiga forever so have a legal copy of the roms. I have read on here and on the whdload pages that some older games may not work with cloanto roms. What I am looking for is the name of a game that will work with these to try and help triage the problem. Can anyone tell me one they are sure that works with these roms?

My setup - A1200, mtec 1230 with 8mb ram, 3.0 roms

Thanks Guys

cosmicfrog 25 March 2010 20:09

are the right files in your devs:kickstarts folder

musashi5150 25 March 2010 21:58

As you have bought AmigaForever and legally can use the Amiga ROMs you could probably just download the 'hookie' ones now and use those instead ;)

zap64uk 25 March 2010 22:20

Yeah I have all the roms and other required files in Kickstarts in Devs. Thing is I have other Roms also but they dont seem to work either which makes me think there is a software setup issue somewhere. So I thought if anyone new a game that defo worked with the Amiga forever roms then that would eliminate the setup issue.

zap64uk 25 March 2010 22:49

Getting weirder
It is getting stranger :-). I have been using a few games to test this. One has been Syndicate CD32 version which accroding to the notes needs the A1200 rom. If I have the rom there it say 'invalid rom ect'. If however I rename the same rom to A4000 standard it works. Shows the Rom is fine I guess. Tried the same thing with another load but it must only check for the a1200 one. Any suggestions anyone?

alexh 25 March 2010 22:57

You need to have rom.key in that DIR to use AmigaForever encrypted ROMS with WHDload.

zap64uk 25 March 2010 22:59

I have that in the directory also. The same rom image is working if it is named as a 4000 image but not if it is a 1200 image. Some games seem to only look for a 1200 image.

Wepl 30 March 2010 01:23

it should be sufficient described here http://whdload.de/docs/en/need.html

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