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r0ber7 17 February 2011 14:50

Rediscovered my A1200 & here I am :)
Hi! :)

Back when I was a little kid, about 8 years old, I played all my games on the Amiga. Then, a few years later, my dad gave me my own A1200 to play with. I made tons of music modules during school years, as well as Cinema4D stuff, my own AMOS shoot-em-up, and a bulk of DPaint drawings. :D I also got quite addicted to Worms the Director's Cut, Dune, Civilization, and the Gobliiins series.

However, around the age of 15/16 I switched from the A1200 to PC's running Linux. Linux was still quite a hassle to get working back then, but I always loved a challenge. :P

Anyway, recently I asked my dad to bring the A1200 to my place, and it's now sitting here next to the laptop I'm typing on. At first I just wanted to get back my old digital creations, and cause I'm familiar with networking I ordered a PCMCIA ethernet card from amigakit.com. I'm still having problems with that, read more about it here.

But now, I've decided what my ultimate goal is: A triple boot on this laptop: my 2 Ubuntu versions (already installed) + Xamiga, which is a base linux system that runs e-uae at boot. :D It would boot into the exact same system I now have running on my A1200.

I have much respect for the people tinkering away with their old amigas, but I myself wouldn't know where to start, and besides, I love the idea of transferring my old desktop to a new host, and being able to do so with any future laptops that might come my way too. :)

This, also, would allow me to use OctaMED, all my old samples + all my old music on the laptop. Then I could just export the songs, reboot, and combine the Amiga music with music created in Ubuntu Studio.

I love the sound of the Amiga mods, and it would be great to boot the laptop, make a nice breakbeat in OctaMED, reboot, import into Audacity, and go on from there. :D

So that's where I am now, and I figured I'd introduce myself to the Amiga people. In short: hello! :spin

fitzsteve 17 February 2011 15:03

Welcome to EAB, I enjoyed reading your introduction :great

I was introduced to Debian by a fellow Amigan only yesterday, I'm still reading up on it but I think this might be interesting to you :)

I look forward to reading more about your project.


amigakit.com 17 February 2011 15:07


Djay 17 February 2011 15:34

Welcome to Eab... Nice intro! Maybe you could share some of your past and present projects with the community, we are always on the lookout for new/old amiga creations!

If you need any help transferring disks to adf, drop me a pm!

r0ber7 17 February 2011 19:05

Thanks for the replies, this board rocks.

Once I get data transfer up and running, I'll post some mod archives with my old work, and also my shoot-em-up (definitely wanna share that one), maybe some artwork too. Keep in mind I was just a kid, so it might not be my best work yet. :D

So I think in the near future I'll create a thread on here to document my progress on my project, where I'll also post links to the stuff I've retrieved.

Managed to get a crossover cable today, so next thing to try is if Amiga <-> laptop ethernet works with that. If that fails, I have a compact flash card solution coming to me by mail, ordered yesterday.

Once I make new music with the Amiga, I'll post it too. :D

For now, however, social life demands attention.

Djay 17 February 2011 19:30

If you need an AMOS refresh and wanna continue developing for the Amiga then its worth checking out the AMOS section here and maybe visiting... http://amos.ultimateamiga.co.uk/

it will be great if you get back into the game development side, not nearly enough stuff is released for the Amiga...

EreWeGo 17 February 2011 20:42

With regard to X-Amiga - I talked to the creator of X-Amiga a while ago - I was hoping he would release an update with USB joystick support. Last time Amir Ansari emailed he said:

"I'm hoping to start work on an update very soon. Apart from updating the packages, I'm wondering what else to do... The kernel is the main problem: XA was always meant to be 'minimal', but if I release it with a generic Linux kernel, it gets bloated very quickly. The alternative is to somehow manually configure the kernel during installation; but this is a painful learning curve for many users, so it might be an unreasonable requirement.
Still toying with ideas... Do you have any ideas? ;-)"

Unfortunately, there still doesn't appear to be an update yet, but then I know Amir was busy with the linix side of Amiga Forever I think?

Anyway r0ber7, welcome to the forums, and if you're going to use X-Amiga maybe you could flick Amir a message too and see if there's an update on it's way

pubzombie 17 February 2011 21:10

Greetings and welcome :)
I am not technical with the miggy but have a long gaming history on commodore machines
always nice to meet an old miggy Civ and worms fan
they are a great bunch of guys here -enjoy your stay

prowler 17 February 2011 21:50

Hi r0ber7, and welcome to EAB! :great

Looking forward to see what you've created. :spin

seuden 17 February 2011 22:42

Hi and welcome!!

X-Amiga PPC would be nice!

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