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earok 10 January 2016 10:01

Day of the Tentacle CD32 [Alpha 0.1]
So I found DOTT AGA the other day and thought I'd give it a try on a CD32. I'm spread very thin between various CD32-related projects so it'd be great if someone else takes over on this.

What's good:
- It works!
- BlazeWCP isn't needed on a CD32, as WriteChunkyPixels is hardware accelerated by Akiko
- Playable with gamepad, using Fakemouse driver and Joy2key2
(Press Reverse to skip cutscene, Play to access menu)

What's not so good:
- It's -slow- not sure if it's possible to squeeze much more speed out of the version of ScummVM it's based on the incredibly limited power of the stock CD32.
- Won't work on an SX32 etc
- Music is very inaccurate due to the automated mod-to-midi conversion. Maybe we could convert the MIDI files to CD Audio and play it back that way (assuming there's less than 80 or so minutes of music, I have no idea)
- Not currently using the full speech of the CD-ROM version
- Novacoder's version might be a better base to use? I haven't been able to find this though
- Saving will likely never be a possibility (due to the 1kb NVRAM available) and there's no pre-saves. We may to create a massive bunch of save games that break the whole game down into bite sized chunks.


Amigajay 10 January 2016 11:11

Wow you love to have many projects on the go at once! Good job getting this working at all.
Regarding music the original midi music was pretty naff, well its midi after all! Best have the speech from CD you cant have music and speech both from CD at the same time.

Akira 10 January 2016 17:40

There was a DOTT CD ROM version, I bet it had wav audio and not MIDI. But i could be wrong.
Speed is a major issue, but saving, even more.
We need a solution to NVRAM space :(

Riempie 10 January 2016 21:27

I recently installed the version of novacoder on my A1200 (030, 56mhz) and it's running perfectly (sometimes the speech/music is a little out of sync). I just double-clicked the icon to start the game (1,7 mb chip ram left). There's only speech during the intro and the first 2 minutes of the game. I haven't played it much though. I don't know if it requires fast-ram..

You can have it if you want (but I guess novacoder still has his version?) Would be nice to see a cd32-release when the remake is being released.

Ps. The version you used doesn't work om my A1200..

Gzegzolka 10 January 2016 23:15

Cool idea for new cd32 version, I wonder how fast could it be on novacoder version.

earok 11 January 2016 00:03

@riempie thanks for the clarification on the speech. I figured the version I used won't work on anything other than a stock CD32 unless you're running BlazeWCP or the like.

Where can Novacoder's version be downloaded from?

Riempie 11 January 2016 00:09

I can send you the version of novacoder. Don't know where to download it from because I picked it up from an old amiga harddrive I recently had a look at. I've got a zip-file of 10MB. I extracted the zip-file on my iphone just now and here are the requirements I copy/pasted from the readme-file. Still want it?

* AGA (strange but true)
* RTC (real time clock)
* FASTRAM (I'm not sure how much though, it might run with as little as 4MB)
* BlazeWCP - This WB patch greatly speeds up C2P on AGA machines (aminet.net)
* SystemPatch - OS 3.0 user's need to install SystemPatch (www.ziosante.it)

You must copy the following media files to the drawer where you extracted
the game files.


earok 11 January 2016 00:15

It might be worth trying though if FastRAM is required it isn't going to work :( it might be worth putting in the zone anyway if someone else also wants it?

Riempie 11 January 2016 12:52

In the zone..

Attention for al Indivison-users: the readme says to copy the monitor drivers 'Multiscan' and 'VGA Only' to your Devs/Monitors drawer. This made it worse for me (black screen or resolution totally wrong). I removed them and then the game works just fine. I have classic wb btw and I didn't have to install / run anthything else (kickstart 3.1)

s2325 11 January 2016 13:28


Nobby_UK 11 January 2016 19:00

And when I Quit I got:

Akira 11 January 2016 19:03


Originally Posted by s2325 (Post 1061920)

Well that looks very unplayable :(

Amigajay 11 January 2016 19:44

Well considering you needed a 386 pc with 4mb ram back in the day i think its a miracle its running at all!
Sure its slow, but if it was that unplayable s2325 wouldnt have even got that far. Lets hope these guys can pull some magic from somewhere and get it running abit faster.

I think in comparison to the Seirra adventure games on the Amiga its actually running pretty fast :-P

s2325 11 January 2016 19:48

It's not my upload.

Amigajay 11 January 2016 19:58


Originally Posted by s2325 (Post 1061981)
It's not my upload.

Ok, i see it was indieretronews.

If no improvements happen i will download and try myself, but i have plenty of other stuff to play through first!

Neil79 12 January 2016 12:39


Originally Posted by s2325 (Post 1061981)
It's not my upload.

It's one of our staff members, and yes it really is slow.. Unplayable perhaps

jolly11 12 September 2017 18:09

the link is broken, could you reupload day of the tentacle in the zone?

Akira 12 September 2017 18:31


Originally Posted by earok (Post 1061655)
- Won't work on an SX32 etc

Why was that, earok?

You've learned a lot in the past months, perhaps you can revisit this port?

earok 13 September 2017 02:47


Originally Posted by Akira (Post 1184260)
Why was that, earok?

You've learned a lot in the past months, perhaps you can revisit this port?

From memory the disc had a patch to use Akiko C2P, which doesn't tend to work on SX32 (makes Wing Commander crash etc). Though if someone really wanted to play it on an SX32, BlazeWCP could be used instead.

I'll reupload it if I can find it on my hard drive somewhere. (though maybe it's on the FTP server..?)

solidcore 14 September 2017 23:41

Have you tried this game with TF328? i'm curious about the 8mb ram and if it speeds things up or not.

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