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ChEoPS 09 July 2004 16:00

Ok, I have come across this great site and found that people are after one of my old projects RAIDEN, I indeed did make this game and finished it but unfortunately it didnt get released due to the release of new systems.

However I do infact have the original source code backed up on a PC dat tape but I do not have access to the hardware to retrieve the source to assemble the source and create the disk images for A500, A1200 and CD32 if anybody has any ideas you can let me know and i'll see what i can do.

BTW I am trying to get hold of Galahad/FLT so if your around let me know, I have mailed you

Big-Byte 09 July 2004 16:18

Cool! What other games did you write?

kriz 09 July 2004 16:20

nice!!! Hope for a release soon ... :)

ChEoPS 09 July 2004 17:54

I have done alot of other games on other systems but this was the only game on the Amiga i have done but has never been released,

I hope to be able to retrieve my source, and would definately put this out.

Marcuz 09 July 2004 20:45

hey welcome here btw :)

oldpx 09 July 2004 21:19

Wow, welcome sure! :bowdown

DeCreator 09 July 2004 21:57

What format is the DAT on. I assume it is a DDS tape 1 - 4. I have access to these drives and also arcserve software and ntbackup software.

RCK 10 July 2004 00:34

welcome :great

about galahad, he comes here less than before coz real-life, but I suggest you to send him a PM.

ChEoPS 10 July 2004 01:17

Thanks for the warm welcome and hope i can contribute some more.

DaCreator that sounds right I presume this was the kind of software and hardware that was available 94/95 or there abouts.

Its been such along time I can hardly remember what was used but I will dig out the tape tomorrow and confirm the tape make etc....

redblade 10 July 2004 01:25

any chance to release the source code as well ? so other similar arcade games can easily be ported to the miggy =]

redblade 12 July 2004 11:46

sorry a few more questions =].

What machines was Raiden coded for ie, A500, A1200.

How similar is it to the ARcade.

As for coding.

How did you port the graphics to the Amiga ?, did you just dump the gfx roms as raw data??.

Did the developers give you the origional source code so you could copy the paths etc etc.

ChEoPS 12 July 2004 20:18

This was a copied port so we did not get any of the original code, we did manage to rip the gfx out but they were encryted, so rather than trying to decrypt them we re did them so it was probably for the best because of # of colours etc. In the end the attack patterns were exactly the same using a custom editor and alot of tweaking.

ChEoPS 12 July 2004 20:20

Also the it was for 1200, CD32, but as far as I can remember it did start as an 500 game, i cant check until I get the source off the tape

plasmatron 12 July 2004 22:19

WoooooW !!! RAINEN !! GREAT !!!
I think there was a playable demo around. I remember that i had played it.
Remember that it was very hard.

Wich company has / had the rights for the AMIGA version? I think it was US GOLD right? I think that it was planed to release it on one single disk.
I remember reading a short preview in AMIGA JOKER in earl 1995.

Was there musics planed for the AMIGA version?

RetroMan 12 July 2004 22:42

I would LOVE to see this game being released :great

I also have various DAT streamer in my various machines here, give me a shout if you need help :)

ChEoPS 12 July 2004 23:12

Yeah, I could do with help getting the backups of raiden off, but if i remember it had various other projects on that tape that i could not possibly let anybody have as some of the stuff is well copyrighted, as far as raiden is concerned it was going to be released as a us gold title but obviously us gold disappeared, I could do with someone lending me the tape drive to get the stuff off, as I couldn't risk anyone having the tape, as it would be my head on a plate.

Also i would need to get hold of a copy of devpac 3 for the amiga to assemble it on to release the images for all versions.

The music was the original music.

RetroMan 12 July 2004 23:29

Hmmm, think it would be easier to borrow a drive from someone in the UK then !

Good luck on your task, keep us informed please :)

Akira 13 July 2004 00:18

message moved to the aGTW forum.

We got a demo of Raiden and galahad said he had the code but was told never to share it or something so it would be great if you can contact him!

Welcome aboard!

ChEoPS 13 July 2004 01:29

Thanks, a great friendly forum.

As i can remember I did give Galahad a version when I went to see him, but he will have a bugged version as it wasn't complete at the time.

Yeah it would be good to borrow a drive off someone to get this out.

Anyone help??????

DeCreator 13 July 2004 01:31

what type of drive, may be able to get my hands on a scsi dds1 or dds2 tape drive, though it would be an internal one.

Let me know

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