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Meckert 13 June 2003 23:11

sound problem in R7
this is the log entry from my UAE

PAL mode, 50Hz
SOUND: Secondary CreateSoundBuffer() failure: 80070057 S=1 F=0007 C=0057 (87) (Invalid Parameter)
DirectSound driver freed
Sorry, can't initialize sound.

what is wrong ??? older version (i don't remember which, but at least a year old) works ok.... i have w98 with SB 16

Toni Wilen 14 June 2003 10:06

Known problem, some old sound cards have buggy driver that reports minimum and maximum supported sample rate = 0Hz..
Next WinUAE version will have workaround.

Meckert 14 June 2003 12:16

hope to see it soon :-)

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