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Cherno 19 November 2019 19:24

Space Crusade WHDLoad, can't play missions :(
I have installed the WHDLoad version, got it to run with an A500 / Kickstart 2.0, and now I'm stuck at the main menu. I can select my chapter, equipment, orders and mission, but when I click on the "Begin Mission" button I get a screen that tells me to insert the data disk. This is alreay weird since this is the WHDLoad version and I alredy had to provide all three disks (2 from SC and one from The Voyage Beyond) durin the install process. Anyway, no matter what I do and which disk I insert into DFO:, it won't accept (even using different adf versions). There doesn't even seem to be any kind of disk drive activity so I'm led to believe that this is an issue with the WHDLoad install?

Has anyone ever gotten this to run properly?

lilalurl 20 November 2019 17:25

I gave a quick try to the version that is available on the FTP at /Commodore_Amiga/Retroplay/Commodore_Amiga_-_WHDLoad_-_Games/S

I managed to start missions for both the original game and Voyage Beyond.

You should give it a try and report.

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