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methodman 30 March 2018 01:28

Scalos sent me to meet the Guru
I bowed before the guru because I had my A1200 config set to 24 bits when addressing Picasso memory, she gave me an error. I also bowed before the guru because she gives me a 700000000 = 0000000 memory error. I'm not sure what that means but I keep getting an error somewhere and I unticked the 24 bit space. What am I misunderstanding? on Scalos when I press the pre-menu, I keep meeting the guru. Any ideas why?

methodman 30 March 2018 03:20

I tried it again today and the same thing keeps happening. Can I uninstall scalos. Absolutely everything in the guide worked except for Scalos.

methodman 30 March 2018 04:43

OK I discovered that there is a later version of Scalos, can I just put that on top of my original version ? But I need to make the old one not crash my system. I'm using Winuae 64 that wouldn't cause a crash would it?

Saghalie 30 March 2018 04:49

Leave 24 bit un-ticked and tick JIT.

See if that works

methodman 30 March 2018 17:30

I tried that and when I click on Scalos and the premenu I lose my mouse, it freezes and I keep getting Dimension errors. I found a nenwer version of Scalos. How do I uninstall the version I have on there now? Also what is the best screen mode to use. I tried it with pal screemodes as well as the Picasso and scalos always ends up crashing my machine. I am using a Amiga 1200 with a Co processor 60881 could that be a problem? Thanks I have one day left to make this work or I have to uninstall Scalos which seems like an excellent replacement for WB it's just I can't get it to stop freezing.

Saghalie 30 March 2018 17:45

Post your config and logs. Maybe we can try and reproduce it.

methodman 30 March 2018 21:42

What directory are the configs in. I need to know then I'll send you a copy. I searched and couldn't find it?

Saghalie 30 March 2018 21:47


Originally Posted by methodman (Post 1231236)
What directory are the configs in. I need to know then I'll send you a copy. I searched and couldn't find it?

I really can't tell you where your configs are. Just that if you click paths in WinUAE (Left column; top) you will see them and you will see where your log files are dumped.

Normally the configs are at the root of the WinUAE installation in a directory called Configurations. Although you can manually change it to wherever you want them to be.

methodman 30 March 2018 23:59

Cfg for methodman uploaded
1 Attachment(s)
Here it is Thanks.

Saghalie 01 April 2018 20:13

1 Attachment(s)
First off, have you visited http://scalos.noname.fr/ ?
That is the main scalos site (at least from what I can deduce). You can learn about
installing their software there. This is a WinUAE issues forum and normally we don't
install other users software.

If Quickstart isn't working for you. Try the attached config. From what I can tell
none of the suggestions we made were followed.

See if the attached config will work. I created a completely new configuration for scalos
and installed it with WB 3.0 and WB 3.1 and both worked fine.

Just copy the configuration.

Hope this helps.

Toni Wilen 01 April 2018 20:32

I assume you want some fast mode (running scalos/wb, not some disk based games) so disable cycle-exact, enable fastest possible cpu mode and disable 24-bit, you probably want more than 4M of RAM and RTG VRAM.

Also disable OpalVision emulation (I don't think you wanted it, Display panel)

methodman 02 April 2018 00:54

Thanks yeah I actually did after I had built my configuration and downloaded their d newer Scalos, but I didn't want to put it on because I kept having a non-stable relationship with Winuae. Thanks I will put into action your thoughts and see what happens. Also if you are building a machine for games Should you really skip putting scalos and magic workbench on and things like that? Should I build just a games machine with just a basic a1200 config?

methodman 02 April 2018 00:57

No actually I did apply what you said about the substitution of JiT, I did tick off the 24 bit address, but I didn't save it because it behaved unstable. Then I tried a lot of other things all of which continued to be unstable. I put up the original configuration that kept it the way it was originally. I could see how you could think that though. Anyways thanks for the config.

Locutus 02 April 2018 08:01

Are you sure its a emulator issue though?

Scalos eats quite a bit of stack and it might be entirely possible (honestly i expect...) that Scalos crashes due to running out of stackspace.

Try installing StackAttack.

methodman 02 April 2018 19:07

I originally gave it 6 MB of memory, but than was shown, thanks to Saghalie and Tony how to give it more to configure it to work. I think I just need to take their advice and rebuild the entire folder again because I made the changes they told me to make and than upon opening Scalos my mouse freezes and I have to control alt delete to get out of it. And it keeps repeating that. So I need to remake it.

methodman 02 April 2018 19:10

OK I downloaded stackAttack from Aminet. Do I put it in before I install Scalos again or after? should I go ahead and add it to my original configuration? Lots of different directions I can go. Which one is the most efficient. Guess I have to try them all.

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