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haps 18 February 2007 19:15

Amiga Search Engine
I would like to introduce people to a little project that I started tonight. It is a search engine that queries Amiga websites. It was created using the Google Co-op project.

The search engine is located here.

At the moment it only indexes the Amiga related sites from my bookmarks, but I will be constantly adding more. Anybody who wishes to volunteer to contribute are more than welcome, and can do so from the site. The more people that volunteer and submit, the better. Please note that you must have a google co-op account to sign up as a collaborator.

I will be happy to provide any interested parties with the code to embed the search engine in their website.

Zetr0 18 February 2007 20:57

thats pretty COOL! :)

well done haps!

BippyM 18 February 2007 21:34

This is cool :)

Paul can you add this to the FAQ please

Paul 19 February 2007 11:14



doubleMG 19 February 2007 11:25

Really ggod !

dreamkatcha 19 February 2007 21:39

Yeah, well, um, mine's shinier so nurr... and stuff. :p


haps 20 February 2007 07:16


Originally Posted by dreamkatcha
Yeah, well, um, mine's shinier so nurr... and stuff. :p


Cool, yours is specific to games, mine indexes everything. ;)

I have setup a redirector so that people can now access the site via www.amisearch.tk

dreamkatcha 20 February 2007 23:35

Yup, all's fair in love and Miggy search engines. :)

RCK 24 February 2007 18:17

excellent :great

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