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HCF 14 October 2004 08:01

Old Atari ST ? Game...not sure if there was an Amiga conversion..
Hi there and thanks for looking....The game I am looking for is an old Atari ST game I believe (not sure if there was an Amiga conversion...probably PC compatible)....Anyway, the game itself had some kind of marble maze on the front and some other tidbits of graphics (I think there was also an eye incorporated in the title and some other objects)....Sorry if I don't have any more specific details but this has been such a loooong time ago....<sigh> Thanks in advance for any help....

CodyJarrett 14 October 2004 08:43

Mindroll AKA Quedex?


HCF 14 October 2004 09:16

Wow, that's a quick response but no, sorry...It looked more like one of these marble things where you drop the marble on the top kinda and it rolls down (wish I could describe it better)...Unless of course the game was released with different cover pics...

IFW 14 October 2004 09:38

Marble Madness?

HCF 14 October 2004 09:48


Originally Posted by IFW
Marble Madness?

I knew I should have stated it is not Marble Madness....Sorry

Stefan Lindberg 15 October 2004 23:56

Zero Gravity? http://hol.abime.net/?id=1625

HCF 16 October 2004 00:28


Originally Posted by Kodoichi
Marble Magic?
Rock 'n' Roll?

You wouldn't have a shot of the cover for Marble Magic...Unfortunately I could not find anything with Google or EBay...

Rock'n Roll is a newer game I believe (90s or so)...The game should have not come out after '88, probably 86/87 but not sure....Like I said, it's been a long time that's why I can't give much more detailed information, sorry...

Zero Gravity is not it (cool game though ;) ) but I admit the cover pic looks very similar...Were there releases of the game in different packaging (the one I have here has the same as featured on HOL) ?

Stefan Lindberg 16 October 2004 12:22

So the box artwork is the only thing you remember? :)

What type of game is it? Do you controll a marble in the game?

HCF 16 October 2004 12:35


Originally Posted by Stefan Lindberg
So the box artwork is the only thing you remember? :)

What type of game is it? Do you controll a marble in the game?

Yes, I have no idea what kind of game it is, sorry...Since it has the marble/maze theme on the box my guess would be either a flipper game or something like Marble Madness...Wish I knew more....:banghead

Stefan Lindberg 16 October 2004 12:42

How about ISS? http://hol.abime.net/?id=2673
It has an marble (but no eye) on the box artwork.

Duke 16 October 2004 12:43


HCF 16 October 2004 12:58

Wow, that was quick, thank you...It's not ISS...If Brainball's box artwork looks like the title screen shown it isn't the right one either...

Stefan Lindberg 16 October 2004 13:08

backlash http://hol.abime.net/?id=12The sentinel http://hol.abime.net/?id=1876

now i am running out of box artwork i know have an eye on it :D

Nexjen 16 October 2004 16:36

Very long shot but how about Puffy's Saga.


HCF 17 October 2004 17:43

Nope, sorry, none of those games comes close...ISS from the design so far has been closest...Like I said before, it might be a game that has not been converted to the Amiga since I was pretty good back then having had tons of disks and for sure noticed the game...

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