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Craziazkowboi 28 December 2019 12:35

FS-UAE 3.x won't open on macOS Catalina 15.2
Howdy fellow Amigans,

I have successfully got FS-UAE working again by reinstalling FS-UAE 2.8.3 and deleting /Documents/FS-UAE/Data/Databases so it would stop complaining that my library was newer than the version of FS-UAE.

However installing FS-UAE 3.0, 3.01, or 3.02 fails on two different Macs for me, both running the latest MacOS 15.2 (Catalina). They just bounce in the dock forever and show up as 'not responding'. The console did not show any obvious errors, or the logs - sorry I don't have them now as I was able to revert back to v2.8.3 - happy to provide more info if anyone can tell me what they specifically need - or anyone has had this problem and resolved it?

FrodeSolheim 28 December 2019 13:27

I will try to upgrade a machine to 10.15.2 (?) and reproduce, I've got one at 10.15.1 now, and it worked the last time I tried.

You might be able to get some error message by running the executable directly, from a terminal:


/Applications/"FS-UAE Launcher.app"/Contents/MacOS/fs-uae-launcher

FrodeSolheim 28 December 2019 18:23

I tested some more, and managed to reproduce a problem where the Launcher will not start. When starting on macOS 10.15 for the first time, macOS will ask if you allow the launcher to access the Documents folder. If you deny this, FS-UAE Launcher will not start (and will not be able to write a log file either).

Please try to go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Files and Folders, and make sure "Documents Folder" access is allowed for FS-UAE Launcher.

Craziazkowboi 29 December 2019 00:55

Thank you that has fixed the issue, it's taken me a few hours to reply because I got lost playing my Amiga library! :)

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