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Tiberious1 20 December 2019 18:47

fs-uae with x arcade tankstick....HELP!!
Hi all,

May have bitten off more than I can chew, but decided to build a retro gaming coffee table for the Wifes Christmas present!!

All has gone well until I loaded FS-UAE into launchbox ( my wife used to own an amiga back in the day).

I am using an x-arcade tankstick as a controller and I just can`t figure out how to get it running with fs-uae.

I have read the docs file on the fs-uae website which talks of putting "the 3 files" into fs-uae/data/devs/keyboards....well I ionly have the data folder - there is no devs or keyboards folders.

I tried adding those folders and dropping the files in, then rescanned in fs-uae , but doesn't seem to have done anything.

I have tried project x …….left joystick works, but no fire button, and SWIV ...can fire, but no joystick.

also tried remapping the fire button in fs-uae, but it didn't work and quite honestly I don't really know what I`m doing.

if anyone can help me out with a dummies guide on how to get it working id be very grateful - only a couple of days left to try and sort it!!

many thanks in advance

FrodeSolheim 21 December 2019 11:46

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Hi, Amiga present for wife -> respect :) Let's get this sorted in time...

I checked that the files work with a recent version of FS-UAE (tested on Linux), looks fine here, but note that I don't have an X-Arcade stick here, so I didn't test the actual mapping. Also, it is if course the default key mapping of X-Arcade has changed over the years, and that the config needs tweaking.

Anyway, what is important is that the files are put in the Data directory where FS-UAE stores it's data files, not where it is installed. In many cases, this will be `Documents/FS-UAE/Data/Devs/Keyboards` (and yes, you need to create the Devs/Keyboards directories). You should copy the files `Keyboard.disabled`,`X-Arcade.ini` there, and also `X-Arcade #2.ini` if you have dual stick version.

When you restart FS-UAE Launcher, it should detect those devices and you should see something like the attached screenshot.

Tiberious1 21 December 2019 22:54

Oh bless you for replying so quickly!!

Looks like I'm doing something wrong as my launcher still does not show the X arcade default as in the screenshot you show.

I copied the zip file that you posted on an earlier thread and extracted all the files into the keyboards folder I created.. I will try to check the contents again tomorrow to see where I am going wrong - do I need to do anything in launcher or should the files be seen automatically?

I am very grateful for your help and apologize for the delays in responding - it is a nightmare trying to keep this secret with the wife around - I have built the table in an upstairs bedroom and am hiding it in an airing cupboard , so it takes a while to get it out to work on and I can only do it when she goes out!!!

That said, can't wait to see her face on Christmas day if I can get it sorted ?

Thanks again


FrodeSolheim 21 December 2019 23:52

Shouldn't need to do anything else. Though I've only tested this on Linux. I can doublecheck that it should work on your setup as well. What operating system are you running? I assume you are using FS-UAE version 3.0.x?

FrodeSolheim 22 December 2019 00:01

There is another way to get the joystick kind of working as well; you can also configure key presses to act as joystick actions, for example:


keyboard_key_kp4 = action_joy_1_left
keyboard_key_kp8 = action_joy_1_up
keyboard_key_kp6 = action_joy_1_right
keyboard_key_kp2 = action_joy_1_down
keyboard_key_lctrl = action_joy_1_fire_button

This is kind of less flexible, since this will always map these keys to the primary Amiga joystick no matter what device you chose in the launcher, but it could be easy (and good enough) way to get it going in a hurry.

If the X-Arcade key mapping is not what I think it is, you can replace the keyboard_key_* options with other key names listed here: https://fs-uae.net/input-mapping.

Oh, and you can put these options in Settings -> Advanced Settings in FS-UAE Launcher. With these options, you don't need the X-Arcade configuration files.

Tiberious1 22 December 2019 00:05

Yes, latest version 3
Running Windows 10.
Will try to take some screenshots tomorrow morning - it's probably something obvious, but I'm a bit of a fish out of water .... fascinating to learn this stuff though, so thanks for "holding my hand" to sort it out!

Tiberious1 22 December 2019 12:50

Almost there!!!!
Seems at some point in my journey I downloaded both the portable version and the normal version of fs-uae and I had put the x-arcade files in the one I wasn't using??
Anyway, the x-arcade files are now showing up, but one last ( I hope!) Question -

Default (x-arcade) shows up against Amiga joystick, but Amiga Mouse still has Default(Mouse: Windows Mouse)...although x-arcade#2 shows as an option.
I can't seem to save x-arcade#2 as the default - is this because I also have a mouse and keyboard connected to my pc? Do I need to remove the mouse permanently for fs-uae to use x-arcade #2 as the default?

Many thanks again for getting me across the line!!

Tiberious1 22 December 2019 14:05

Well, not exactly gone to plan - many games not working.
Project X special edition loads up, can get menu, but can't select any option - X arcade joystick not functioning .Will need to sit down and explore more in depth - is there a list of x-arcade functions and their equivalent Amiga keys?

FrodeSolheim 22 December 2019 14:11

You need to verify what keyboard keys your X-Arcade is mapped against. Try opening a simple text editor, write some lines of text, but the cursor in the middle block of the text, and see what happens when you press up, down, left, right and the first button (you generally only need one button for Amiga). Maybe your X-Arcade stick is configured differently than mine. After all, mine is several years old.

Even better would be a proper keyboard test program which displays what key you just pressed, since some key presses will be a bit difficult to understand just by looking at typed text / cursor movement.

(You might also be able to find this information in the manual for your stick - the default key configuration)

Tiberious1 22 December 2019 16:20

Ok, so these are the keyboard equivalent keys for the tankstick -

Joystick up. Up
Joystick down. Down
Joystick left. Left
Joystick right. Right

First row of buttons (3 buttons)-. Left ctrl,left alt,space-bar
Second row - left shift, z,x
Third row (2 buttons). C,5

Second joystick

Up - R
Down - F
Right - G
Left - D
Then buttons -

Player 1 button - 1
Player 2 button - 2

Left side buttons

Mouse 1

Right side buttons

Mouse 2

Thanks again

FrodeSolheim 23 December 2019 00:04

This sounds like the exact same mapping that the X-Arcade configs bundled with FS-UAE uses, so that's good news.

But I re-read your earlier post and noticed that you said *many games* are not working. Do you mean that the stick works well with some Amiga games? It should be that the stick either works correctly with FS-UAE or not, so if only some games are problematic, then the problem is not the configuration of the stick, but something else.

Tiberious1 23 December 2019 07:05

Tiberious1;1366942]Thanks mate - I will do some proper testing once it is unveiled later in the week + guests arriving today.
Some games the joystick works,others it doesn't - some game games the fire button works,others it doesn't,and with swiv, I can select the Jeep and play ok, but can't select Orr play with the helicopter.
For now, many thanks for your help and a very happy Christmas to you!

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