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ninevoltz 05 September 2018 18:10

Is AmigaKit still in business?
I ordered a SCSI2SD V6 board a month ago, the status was changed to "Allocated" and "Being Picked" a couple of days later, but it never shipped. They also have not answered my email about it. Are they just on vacation, or should I look into getting my money back on PayPal?

demon-knight 05 September 2018 19:18

Interesting thing about their email, I was in contact with them about my Indivision and left it just over a month to contact them so I replied to an email "Chris" sent me several weeks ago, about 5 minutes later got an undelivered email back saying the account no longer exists.

Due to moving house soon I haven't contacted them through other means yet.

indigolemon 05 September 2018 19:20

I got a near instantaneous repsonse via Facebook - can't say I've tried email.

puppypc 05 September 2018 19:23

Amigakit is not a big corporate store, it is essentially a couple of guys. Keep in mind that the market for this stuff is very small, and the employees can't spend all of their time on selling Amiga hobbyist hardware. They will deliver, it just takes a while sometimes.

Don't be misled by any threads you see on the various Amiga boards where the OP claims that AmigaKit "never delivered" and must be out of business, just because it took them a month or two to ship their product. The guys are still in business, and are honest people. It is, however, a good idea to contact them through facebook or their amibay thread instead of e-mail if you ever feel like you can't get in touch.

Daedalus 05 September 2018 19:25

Don't forget as well that they've recently totally overhauled their web site, and presumably their support email setup too, which could explain bounced emails.

amigakit.com 05 September 2018 20:06

Hi guys

Lots of website changes recently (sorry for the inconvenience).

You can email our Technician: technical [at] amigakit dot com. This should work, let us know if you have any problems.

We are working on revamping our support system at the moment. The Amiga.org and other websites has kept us busy over the last month.

Dynamic_Computi 05 September 2018 20:47

Never had an issue in the past few months. I have ordered three times,and I get my product usually in 10 days or so. And I am in the United States!
They are a good bunch of people - try calling if you can't email. Their number is right on their website.

ninevoltz 07 September 2018 22:43

Board just arrived today, tragedy averted!

Zippy Zapp 08 September 2018 02:39

Glad you got it. I have ordered several things from Amigakit in the past and have not really had any issues. I think it is easy to forget that they are in the UK so it can take some time to get your order. It is usually A week or 2 weeks to the USA, depending on shipping method and time you ordered.

No offense to Amigakit, but if you are in the USA you can get the SCSI2SD direct from the official US distributor here: http://www.inertialcomputing.com I ordered one from them and had it 2 days later...

ninevoltz 09 September 2018 02:07


Originally Posted by Zippy Zapp (Post 1267581)
No offense to Amigakit, but if you are in the USA you can get the SCSI2SD direct from the official US distributor here: http://www.inertialcomputing.com I ordered one from them and had it 2 days later...

They didn't have any stock at the time I went to order it. AmigaKit supposedly did... but then I see it actually drop-shipped from inertial anyway. I suppose the wait was because nobody really had any in stock. But anyway, the wait wasn't worth it, because this thing doesn't work right in my A3000D. It can be partitioned and formatted, and reads ok. Writing usually locks up in a minute or so. I monkeyed with it for a few hours today, and I give up. I have an "Aztec Monster" SCSI to CF adapter. It doesn't work at all in the A3000. Hangs at boot. The only drives I've had luck with are my external Panasonic CD-RW and this ultra-rare and expensive SCSI multi-media card drive. I was hoping for faster speeds with the SCSI2SD. I might experiment with it more on another day.

trixster 09 September 2018 09:53

The v5 of the Scsi2sd works fine in an a3000. I’ve tried v6 as well and it caused all sorts of problems so gave up. Trying to get a little extra scsi speed is not worth the risk of data corruption.

SvladJelly 11 September 2018 13:06

Just wanted to chime in that I've ordered from Amigakit many times over the years, and always gotten fairly fast shipping (to the USA) and response. Great company in my opinion. I'm really glad to see them still around in 2018 and beyond!

amigakit.com 11 September 2018 15:19


Thank you very much for your custom, we appreciate your orders.

amigoun 04 February 2020 22:27


Could you please check your inbox? I have question about my order from 15th December (still pending). I have no reply to any or my emails (nor website contact form). Thanks

keithshaw3 05 February 2020 21:06

I have been waiting on an order placed on the 22nd Jan and sent a message via the web form yesterday, no response but an hour later it was marked as dispatched.

Too many orders, not enough staff to deal with them???


fitzsteve 05 February 2020 21:09

I think they're just a bit stretched with the AAA and A1222 launch

Worst case if you can't get an email answer give them a quick call :great

amigoun 06 February 2020 00:21

I got a response to the PM. Package should now be on the way.

TJM80 14 February 2020 22:44

Does anyone happen to know is AmigaKit in the midst of big orders etc? I ordered bunch of items almost 4 weeks ago and my order is still 'pending', even though all of the items were in stock at time of purchase. I've contacted them few times already but without response...

TJM80 15 February 2020 13:43

Hey, amigakit! I just tried to answer your PM, it seems that you have exceeded your PM limit?

Pyromania 16 February 2020 03:30

I've ordered many items over many years from AmigaKit and always got everything I ordered and outstanding service. Great company in my book.

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