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Bamiga2002 23 January 2013 12:08

Mouse mat to lower optical mouse sensitivity?
I have Micromys and an optical mouse with 4 different DPI choices, but even with the lowest DPI setting (500?) the mouse pointer speed is too fast. For some games eg. the mouse speed is hardcoded so it's only dependable of the mouse itself. I'd like to lower the response and so I figure if there exist mouse mats that would do the trick?

The other choice is to mess with the mouse innards, making some adjustments to the hardware itself but i'm no hw guru so that would prove to be difficult. As a side note: has anyone experience modding a mouse for DPI change?

roy bates 23 January 2013 12:46

just out of interest,how would using a mouse mat with an optical mouse make a difference?

Bamiga2002 23 January 2013 12:59

For example optical mice don't work on glass surface, so if we made eg. a grid mouse mat with every other square glass and every other a working surface for optical to read, it might in theory work.

Bamiga2002 23 January 2013 13:06

I had once an optical mouse that would require a special mouse mat to work. It was a metallic grid-like mat. Without it no go.

Loedown 23 January 2013 13:32

If mice work on the principle of pulses per mm then if you insert two 4040 binary clock divider between the X and Y signal you can then decrease the sensitivity by a factor of 2 each time, or a more elegant approach would be to use a smaller PIC with code to set a few modes, so you could have say 10DPI for really fine work or 200DPI for games with a switch to select on the fly with the internal EEPROM of the chip holding the custom values.

Bamiga2002 25 January 2013 11:53


Originally Posted by Loedown (Post 863459)
If mice work on the principle of pulses per mm then if you insert two 4040 binary clock divider between the X and Y signal you can etc......

Originally Posted by Bamiga2002 (Post 863445)
...but i'm no hw guru...

Sorry this is out of my knowhow thanks anyway :). So the only way for me would be just to find a mouse that has lower DPI? Any suggestions (NO Amiga mice!)? There don't exist mouse pads to do this? :confused

Lord Aga 25 January 2013 12:29

Well... I bought a PS2 ball mouse :) Really adds up to the old school "gaming with balls" experience :)

And it kinda looks and feels like a regular Amiga mouse. Being a bit heavier and no scroll, only two buttons.


Black for PC white for Amiga :)

Hey, what's with the gigantic picture ? This hasn't happened before...

Bamiga2002 22 March 2013 07:35

I thought this through and decided to buy a normal Amiga mouse from Amigakit. I've been very pleased with it - sensitivity is good, no need for Micromys and as Lord Aga expressed, I too can now "game with balls" :D

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