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Bloodwych 18 December 2001 23:52

What Amiga games have you finished, WITHOUT CHEATING?
After writing that novel about completing Merv the Merciless, I thought I'd ask you guys what games you've completed without cheating in any way.

Tell us the games title, the approx. amount of time it took you to complete it and any other info you feel relevant :)

Ok here is my first entry. It's late and I can't be bothered to rack my brains, so I'll add others later.


What a SOB this was. It took me several days to complete, maybe even a week.

I'm sure by the end of it I had a ZZ-top beard, lost several friends due to irritability and lack of sleep, was high on caffeine and had copious amounts of microwave meal cartons lying around my bedroom.

The last level was HARD and took ages to complete. I was 15 (I think, could be younger) when I finished this bad boy, thankfully in the summer holidays or I would have had to skive school :)

The ending wasn't bad, it involved some scene with you becoming king or something - hard to remember.

It took me days to revert back to "normal life". Sleeping was a problem - all I'd see would be little combat units moving in front of my eyes. :)

Integrating myself back into society was also hard; as I felt a huge sense of emptiness not playing the game I'd been glued on 247!

Codetapper 19 December 2001 00:14

Completed games
The times below are how long to complete it after days/weeks/months/years of practice:

Another World - 1 hour
Flashback - 3 hours (in one go)
Hunter (all 3 sections - I did save in between each though) - unknown time, several hours at least
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge - 2 hours (hard level), 270 pts
Mega-lo-mania - 3 hours
Santa's Xmas Caper - 30 mins
Speedball 2 (knockout and league) - 1 hour for knockout champion and 2 hours for league champ (all games undefeated :)
Super Cars 2 - 1 hour

Many more I can't remember...

oldpx 19 December 2001 00:16

The hardest game I completed is Eye of the Beholder 2 !
Figuring out how to open the first door in the underground levels took a few months, then I realized that there was a button :D
Also getting multiclass characters with three classes was not a good idea for they could not level up easily and could not cast good spells soon enough. I restarted the game when I was about to finish it :scream so it took me about two years to complete the game but it was great fun. It's too bad that eob3 hadn't been released on amiga :/ (<--why don't we have a smiley for this?)

The easiest game that I completed is Defender of the Crown. In a few hours, the game was done :)

Muzkat 19 December 2001 02:11

I completed Another World without cheats, but it sure as hell didn't take me one hour!;) That part in the underground caverns, where you had to dodge man-eating plants and had to flood the place took me a while...

But then again, I remember that, at that time, I had a very dodgy joystick, so perhaps that's why:hooooo :p

Overdoc 19 December 2001 02:19

Ok, here is my list :)
It is mainly in chronological order, that means sorted starting with the game I completed first and ending with the last. ( the first few ones are maybe in wrong order, because I did the list when I already had completed 10 games or so )

Zany Golf
Crazy Cars
Super Grand Prix
Ooops Up
Manhattan Dealers
Hard Driving I & II
Mega Phoenix
Dragon Breed
Bloody Afternoon
Seat Fahrsimulator
Midnight Resistance
Fantasy World Dizzy
Another World
Lotus II
Golden Axe
Test Drive II
Dizzy - Prince of Yolkfolk
Indy Heat
Superbike Simulator
Cisco Heat
Jim Power
Scooby Doo & Scrappy Doo
Jaguar XJ220
Sooty & Sweep
Double Dragon
Abandoned Places
Nicky Boum
Beast III
Big Run
Yo Joe
Chuck Rock II
Turrican III
Bill's Tomato Game
Exe of the Beholder I & II
The Viking Child
Master of Town
The Light Corridor
Wings of Death
Double Dragon III
Wally World
Pee Bee
Final Blow
Lethal Zone
Dungeon Hero
Last Ninja Remix
Prince of Persia
Franko - Crazy Revenge
Space Ace
Harry Haddock
Space Ace II
Evolution Cryser
Wrath of the Demon

EDIT: some more I have finished in the last years:

Last Duel
Rallye Master
Torvak the Warrior
Way of the little Dragon
Treasure Island Dizzy
Giddy II
Captain Bonus

Phew, it's quite much already, but that's gaming history since '90. ;)
I also have to add that if a 'continue' option exists in a game then I used it as I don't consider it really cheating. But I didn't use any trainers, cheats or Action Replay ! Racing games were considered as completed if a racing season was finished in potition 1. I also considered games as finished which repeat themselves and start at level 1 again.

The easiest one was probably Dragon Breed since you just have to fly on top of the screen and leave autofire on :)
Other easy ones were Powerdrift, Atax, Sooty & Sweep, Sturmtruppen, Master of Town, Giddy and Final Blow.

Hard ones were Toki, Bloody Afternoon, Katakis, Cisco Heat, Lotus II ( especially the last level !! ), Bill's Tomato Game ( that fu%&ing end of game battle !! ), Wings of Death and probably some more, but since I haven't played some of them again for years I cannot quite remember.

Abandoned Places and both parts of Eye of the Beholder I played together with a friend, and we still play Dungeon Master every two weeks or even monthly and hope to finish it one day :)

Methanoid 19 December 2001 09:57

Millennium 2.2 (love this to bits!)

(dont play games much)

RetroMan 19 December 2001 12:40

Only one game here too ;)

Great Giana Sisters

Dr Xavier 19 December 2001 14:13

Civilisation...usually takes about day of non-stop playing at any level,
Syndicate...though I left the game running overnight to amass money,
Deuteros...takes about 4 hours to get out of the Sun system.:cheese

7-Zark-7 19 December 2001 16:15

Games I recall of the top of my head......
Addams Family-2 or 3 days-never wanted to play an intertia based platformer since!!
Leisure Suit Larry 2-only missed by one point & without any solutions to help-this kept me replaing 24/7 for a few weeks.
Opertaion Stealth-As has been mentioned elsewhere, this game is a complete b****** with the "arcade" sections to finish-never again.
Golden Axe
Silkworm-the copy I'd had actually zapped the official cheat & didn't have any other-not only did I finish it, I did so without the benefit of Autofire-my hand & wrist suffered RSI for days!
Heroes of the Lance-one crap arcade game & a travesty on the wonderful H.O.T.L DRagonlance triology.
I'm sure thee's others but can't recall off hand!

Tim Janssen 19 December 2001 16:32

Very few..
There are only a few games I have finished without a cheat. They all must rank as one of the easiest on Amiga:
- Bart vs the World (Acclaim, 1993) Note: Not all Crusty cards collected
- Darkman (Ocean, 1991)
- Doofus (Prestige, 1993)
- Dragon’s Lair 3: Time Warp (Readysoft, 1993)
- Final Fight (US Gold, 1991)
- Jim Power (Loriciels, 1992)
- Prehistorik (Titus, 1991)
- Turrican (Rainbow Arts, 1990)
- Turrican II (Rainbow Arts, 1991)
- Turrican III (Rainbow Arts, 1993) Note: Finished it in Easy and Normal mode
- Yo! Joe! (Hudson Soft, 1993)

Riempie 19 December 2001 16:51

Very, very few!!
Lotus 2
Ikari Warriors
Secret Of Monkey Island
Double Dragon

Well, can't remember more :)
must be some more, but that must be in my Atari ST time...

I've been playing Kick Off 2 for 15 years, this is the only game I've played very intensively. You can say I completed this game too :)

Paul 19 December 2001 17:08

Very, very, very few!!
Kings Quest 1 Remake
Rome AD 1992

Akira 19 December 2001 17:35

I dont remember many off the top of my head. Mr. Nutz is one, and.. err.... well, the graphic adventures of course (monkey Island 1, Indy 4, Maniac Mansion, Zak McKraken), but you cant cheat at those, or can you?

TikTok 19 December 2001 21:00

Not too many...
Can't remember that many...
-Monkey Island 2
-The Colenel's Bequest
-Police Quest
-Police Quest 2
-Police Quest 3
-KGB (damn tough)
-F1GP (World Champ at hardest level)
-Historyline 1914-1918
-Supercars 2
-Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk
-Knights of the Sky (I think you can complete this)
-Gunship 2000 (ditto)
-Indy Heat
-Cruise for a Corpse

And I almost completed Dune 2, but always ended in a stalemate on the last level :(

Drake1009 19 December 2001 21:18

Games I've completed on the Amiga without cheating.

Another world.

I'm afraid that's about it. Never completed Giana sisters, only did that on the C64. And Dizzy prince of the yolkfolk I completed too without cheating but that was on the PC so that doesn't go there.

RetroMan 19 December 2001 21:36

Hmmm, come on :( Am I really the only one ever completed Giana Sisters :confused

Sadly my disk got corrupted and every image I found on the net crashes at the last level :( Anyone got till there and could upload a working copy ???

Drake1009 19 December 2001 22:50

How crashes at the last level? The level with just one of those green flying things or the level where you have to fall down to the green flying thing?

I think I'll do an effort to complete and check my copy tomorrow. If I get around to it.

RetroMan 19 December 2001 23:34

Well, last time I tried is half a year ago, but IIRC the game crashes when the last level loads up (black screen) .... I´m also gonna play my copy again these days, then I´ll report ;) Thanx for your effort mate :D

Shatterhand 20 December 2001 04:21

Hmm, I've finished many Amiga games without cheating, lemme see what I remember..

Final Blow was the 1st one, I didn't even had an amiga at time (I finished it in my 2nd go, very easy game)

Both Super Cars
Arabian Nights
Another World
Double Dragon 3
Seek & Destroy
Shadow Dancer
Global Gladiators
T2: The Arcade Game
F17 Challenge
Nigel Mansell (winning EVERY race)
Joe & Mac (Can't remember now if I cheated... remember this game wasn't too hard..hmm)
Epic (and didn't find it so easy as some people state.. strange)
Brutal Sports Football

I also scored 100.000.000 plus in the nightmare table on Pinball Dreams, does that count? :)

that's what I remember now..

There are lots of games I HATE me for not having finished them

like Chaos Engine (could NEVER beat the last boss), A.T.R. (Those damn Moon stages... the car jumps too much). Disposable Hero, Cannon Fodder, Micro Machines (15th stage is IMPOSSIBLE :) ), and a few others I can't bother to remember now :)

coffeedotbean 20 December 2001 10:27

Alien Breen SE.... thats about it I think.

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