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oldpx 01 September 2005 03:00

req. Romance of Three Kingdoms II
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A working version or a config please.

It's there in tosec but that copy isn't playable with quickstart a500 or a500+ settings. Is it a known fact or is it just my config? Attached image is what I get when I try to build a fort in a province. Also there appears to be a read error on the first disk that pops up sometimes.

oldpx 01 September 2005 03:02

That error code refers to a CPU fault but I'm using a plain 68000 with a failsafe config.

oldpx 01 September 2005 14:02

I guess no one bothers with playing this anymore.

oldpx 02 September 2005 13:59

Eab is useful as usual.

OddbOd 02 September 2005 14:12

Sorry pxscroll but I have exactly the same problem! It will be several hours before I can try the TOSEC version on my A2000, I'll let you know what happens.

oldpx 02 September 2005 19:17

Cool thanks!

OddbOd 03 September 2005 09:35

Unfortunately the news is not good, I have tried both copies of disk 1 and they do exactly the same thing. I have tested under 1.3 & 2.04, 68000 & '020/'882, fastmem off & on and 1Meg chip only, in every possible combination - none of them worked.

Since there are no errors on the disk itself I think we will have to assume that the ADF was dumped from a bad disk which had subsequently been repaired or that the cracked version never worked properly in the first place :(

oldpx 03 September 2005 15:45

I see, the news might be bad but thanks for going through this. I remember completing the game back in 90s and I still have that disk in dms format. Checked that yesterday to see it was the same crack; which means that I'm sure this problem doesn't prevent you from finishing the game. Only difference was, I were playing the game from the 1200's hard drive, now from floppies.

CodyJarrett 03 September 2005 22:44

I've tested it and have the same problem - nothing yet seems to solve it.

andreas 04 September 2005 13:57


Originally Posted by pxscroll
That error code refers to a CPU fault

#80000003 = address error

rofl0r 24 January 2014 20:52

this bug is very easy to reproduce: start a new campaign (first epoch), easy, history mode, and pick the 4th king. as soon as the game starts, click on military -> build fort and it crashes.

it seems there are only 1.5 (cr-afl and cr-afl m-tsb) versions of this game available on the web, and both are affected.
maybe someone has a private rip that works, or can make a copy of his disks ?

emufan 24 January 2014 21:28

i found another version ( at least i hope )

join the zone and download this version. once joined the zone, you have a new "button" (The Zone) next to "log out".

i tried to follow your instructiuon, but didn't saw the "military" thing :)

rofl0r 24 January 2014 22:13

emufan, thanks, will inform you whether it worked

as for military, you need to move the mouse at the top border and hold right mouse button
for the menu to show up

rofl0r 24 January 2014 23:13

same error unfortunately :/

emufan 24 January 2014 23:45


Originally Posted by rofl0r (Post 934548)
same error unfortunately :/

yep, same here. I found the "military" menu.
no whdload slave, no original-disk-image was made. too bad. :/

the skilled h3X0rZ on eab usually cope only with original disk-images not with already cracked releases.
but maybe one is reading this and give it a try, i dont know.

Retro-Nerd 25 January 2014 00:23

Well, the Amiga 500 cover on TheLegacy was scanned by cebulba. Maybe he still has the original game, for an IPF dump. :)

modrobert 26 January 2014 14:45

I spent the later part of this Saturday to debug and patch the "Build Fort" problem in 'RoManCE Of ThE 3 KInGDOOmS 2 AGA FIXED'.

The first disk is patched and uploaded to the zone [How do I get access to the zone?], the second one is OK afaik. Please help me Beta test the patch, I've only played a little bit so far.

emufan 26 January 2014 15:51


Originally Posted by modrobert (Post 934764)
Please help me Beta test the patch, I've only played a little bit so far.

very cool. the crash is gone - "Build Fort" responses now with "not enough gold ..." - no more crash :great
no further testing done, but you can call yourself eab h3x05 - hope you dont mind :D

instead of direct link to zone-file, it is adviced to post How do I get access to the zone?. ;)

modrobert 26 January 2014 16:16


Last edited by TCD; Today at 21:55. Reason: Direct link to file in the zone removed.
Actually the forum system did that by itself when I put the filename.dms within brackets [], it wasn't me, guess I should have used (). ;)

Retro-Nerd 26 January 2014 22:46

I've talked to cebulba. An IPF dump will happen at some point. Maybe an ADF dump too, if it has manual protection only. We will see. :)

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