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Uplink7 24 November 2004 03:32

Dead 1200
I have a problem with a one of my 1200s. It was working fine then one day it wouldn't boot. HD light came on and stayed on. Tried a number of things, replaced ROM chips, pulled drives and accelerator card, still nothing. Now all it does is the power light comes on, HD spins up the HD led flashes a couple of times then nothing. Occasionally I will get a yellow screen which I believe is a CPU problem. But it doesn't do that all the time. Mostly just a flickering unlocked black screen . HD led flashes but no FD flashes. Power light does not flash like I've seen on other posts. Just solid Power led, couple of HD flashes and a black screen. Did the CPU die? Can they be changed? I have some experience with surface mount stuff so that idea doesn't completely bother me. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Dr. Dude 24 November 2004 10:52

try a power suply from a 500
What if you remove the HD, does it show the "insert disk" screen?

Uplink7 24 November 2004 23:20

Dead 1200
I am using a ps from an A500. I get nothing. Just flickering black or an occasional yellow screen.

amifreak 29 November 2004 20:02

have you tried the early startup menu hold down the two mouse buttons on bootup when the menu comes up select "boot with no startup-sequence" then when the amigados comes up type "loadwb" and press return/enter if you can boot that it is proberbly something wrong with your startup-sequence get a program like directory opus 4 form here: dopus.free.fr

Bamiga2002 29 November 2004 21:15

My former A1200 motherboard stopped working and just showed yellow screen when powered. Yours just *might* be broken aswell.

Dr. Dude 29 November 2004 21:40

well there is something bugging. What does a yellow screen meen?
If you know that, maybe you can find out whats the prob?

I hate to see a Amiga 1200 die :crying

Uplink7 01 December 2004 23:29

Dead 1200
I read somewhare that the yellow screen tends to mean dead CPU. That is what I believe is happening. Does anyone know a supplier for the 68EC020 chip? I am willing to try changing it. I have done some surface mount work and I can't make it any worse after all. Anyone have a supplier preferably here in the states?

Dr. Dude 02 December 2004 11:49

Is there not a way to "override" the cpu?

Uplink7 03 December 2004 05:29

I suppose I could try an accelerator. But I'm afraid to use my 040 board from my working machine because if I'm wrong it could damage that board. I'd like to try changing the 020 chip instead.

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