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jmmijo 31 January 2020 03:31

External DAS Device
So I've ordered another one of these devices so I could consolidate all my freaking external HDD's into a more compact unit and then I can disconnect all those bulky AC Power Adapters too :spin


Currently I have one connected to my Gaming Rig and the new one connected to my Workstation.

Of course the hard part was busing open the Seagate enclosures to grab the HDD's and install them into these devices.

I was able to consolidate (6)Six External enclosures that were stacked on top of each other, this was not ideal as they tendered to really heat up in these plastic enclosures.

Now they are running so much cooler with the built-in cooling fans and really I can't even hear them so they must be temp controlled as they are not spinning very fast at all.

Anubis 31 January 2020 14:07

What is total space?

Are you running only steam library off them?? (and p0rn of course :lol)

jmmijo 31 January 2020 18:22


Originally Posted by Anubis (Post 1375543)
What is total space?

Are you running only steam library off them?? (and p0rn of course :lol)

So here is the breakdown of the capacities in each device.

DAS1 is connected to my Gaming rig and it has 5 x 8TB HDD's installed so 40TB total there.

DAS2 is connected onto my Workstation, it has 2 x 8TB + 1 x 6TB installed currently, so 22TB total but it has room for 2 more HDD's.

This means I have to look into getting another DAS unit for my gaming rig :lol

As for what is stored, it's mostly Midget pr0n categorized and upsampled to 1080p and my downloads/updates/VM backups etc.

Anubis 31 January 2020 18:46

That is a lot of midget pr0n.

I don't have any drives bigger than 2TB at home, but I have quite few 2TB. Still not worth getting device like this for me, since for much less you can get 8-10TB external disk. At the moment I have ~100-150 steam games installed on one 2TB disk, other is used for other stuff (emulation, mags, books etc.) and 1TB SSD is used for XGP & couple of steam larger games that I am playing. At some point I will have to get more storage space, but I am more likely to invest into more memory and/or possible wheel with pedals.

jmmijo 31 January 2020 19:34

That is the issue with me, I'm a freaking packrat, I can't get rid of stuff I've downloaded 10 years ago :crazy

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