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Amiga_CDTV 01 September 2018 18:57

The Amiga Unix Wiki site reborn
Out of the earlier discussion about the old www.amigaunix.com wiki-site, it has now been re-worked (in cooperation with Tahoe) - and the site is now open again! This time it's based on DokuWiki platform.


The file downloads are yet to be added, and much of the articles need re-writes or updating, but at least most of the basic stuff is there. There were some articles that were not archived in archive.org, so some parts might be still missing.

If anyone wants to join as an editor to the site, please PM me. Also feel free to post comments, fixes and ideas in this thread!

Thanks Tahoe for hosting the site!

Thanks for your interest and let's keep Amix alive!

plasmab 01 September 2018 19:00

Thanks for the post. This is very interesting.

plasmab 01 September 2018 19:16

I think probably a UAE setup to allow people to experience the horror would be fun. For 2 mins.

Matt_H 01 September 2018 19:41

Oh no, I had no idea Failsure had passed away. Very sad to hear. I point to him as the guy who sparked the AMIX revival in the community.

Thanks for carrying on this work. I hope you're able to restore the resources he made available.

Hewitson 02 September 2018 12:28

I had no idea either, very sorry to hear this news. RIP Andrew “Failsure” Whitlock, you were an asset to the Amiga community.

joethezombie 14 February 2019 19:42

Oh boy, I just read this thread. Now I understand why all the informational links I keep finding are gone. I couldn't understand why, but then realize the impact just one person can have on an entire platform. RIP good sir!

And @AMIGA_CDTV, thanks so much for the amigaunix wiki site. Really very well done!

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