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stainy 04 November 2003 00:03

Key configs in current version
Does anyone know how, or if I can save my key configurations in Winuae-kaillera?
Everytime I start it I have to click on `input` change `mode` to `compatibility`, change device to `keyboard` then assign my keys I want for joy up, down, left, right and fire !!

quite annoying having to configure it each time..

and no.. I don`t use joysticks!! :)

I prefer the good `ol Q W O K and SPACE !!

tried looking at the .uae file.. thats the same as my regular winuae config.. just that the version of winuae with kaillera doesn`t have an option to load different configs :(

Rayge 04 July 2007 01:44

Hello Stainy,

does it happen to your usual winuae-kaillera client, or the simplified client used to play kick off ^^ ?

I've met the same problem, and I think i can send you a good config for it.

In both cases, it starts with setting your commands in the (non kaillera) classical winuae, saving it to a config, and transfering the appropriate lines to the config you use with your client.

Hope it helps !

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