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Boulder 05 November 2010 22:24

WinUAE 2.3 and GB Amiga
I'm having problems trying to set up GameBase Amiga v1.6 after my HD died.

I have installed GameBase v1.3, WinUAE 2.3 and GameBase Amiga v1.6. However, GB Amiga doesn't recognize WinUAE and won't let me define the emulator as the OK field remains greyed out even if I set up the emulator properties.

How can I get it to work?

TCD 05 November 2010 22:34

Click on 'Select File' and locate your WinUAE 2.3.0 Exe. Afterwards you should be able to check the config and finish the setup.

Boulder 05 November 2010 22:43

That's where I got stuck. Even though I selected the WinUAE exe, the OK button is greyed out after selecting the correct settings.

It seems that I got the situation fixed by first installing WinUAE 1.5, then setting up things at GB and then installing WinUAE 2.3 over the existing v1.5 :)

TCD 05 November 2010 23:24

Ah, okay :) Also only checked from an installed GB Amiga that had it setup before.

Boulder 05 November 2010 23:31

One more question regarding the setup..currently it seems that the default stereo separation for audio is being used (70%), but I'd like to turn it down to 30% or so as 70% sounds too much like a fake stereo. Is there a way to do it on a general level or do I need to edit entries for each game to make it work?

TCD 05 November 2010 23:43

There are two configs you need to edit 'GameBase Amiga.uae' and 'WHDLoad.uae' (in your GB Amiga folder). Search for 'sound_stereo_separation=7' and change it to 'sound_stereo_separation=3' :)

Boulder 05 November 2010 23:43

Thank you sir :)

TCD 05 November 2010 23:47

You're welcome and please, don't call me sir :)

Boulder 05 November 2010 23:58

Oh, of course you are a sir as you behave like one and in my opinion deserve to be called one :) In my country there is no such word to use for a stranger so I always use it when I need to write in English.

TCD 06 November 2010 00:17

Okay, just good to hear it worked for you :)

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