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Amigajay 22 February 2016 23:43

Unofficial CD32 Release - The Ultimate Amiga Dizzy Collection CD32
CD32 Downloads

newflesh1 22 February 2016 23:45

Nice thanks :)

earok 23 February 2016 05:03

:great another amazing release

jotd 23 February 2016 05:29

Nice credits. Is CD32load part of the OS or what ? :)

twiggy 25 February 2016 17:15

Amazing stuff. I do wonder how trivial it would be to implement support for PSX adapters?

MethodGit 29 February 2016 00:11

This may sound like a silly question, but is there any particular advantage to using the WHDized floppy versions of Magicland, Spellbound, Yolkfolk and Fantastic over the actual, 1-filed CD³² versions from The Big Six?

jotd 29 February 2016 01:22


Originally Posted by Amigajay (Post 1072603)
?You have been credited in the readme file, i'm sure those wishing to know how each game is loaded can easily open up the startup file!

Sorry for the peak of need for recognition! Of course CD32Load is part of your OS now.

Whitesnake 01 March 2016 12:23

You might get away with adding "Dizzy The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure" I remember there was a pretty fast ZX Spectrum emulator on aminet that could run a 020.

Sadly the first game never got ported to the Amiga/ST

MethodGit 01 March 2016 17:18


Originally Posted by Amigajay (Post 1074374)
yeah i did think about that, though i doubt i have the skills to archive such a thing, plus I've run out of buttons on the menu system, it would have to be on one of those 'hold down red etc' on boot to load.

Plus there is of course the two NES Dizzy games that would be great if they got ported in the future that could be added also. Obviously alot of work to port those in the same way Solomans Key was.

Don't forget about the more-recently unearthed NES game Wonderland Dizzy in that case! :crazy

earok 02 March 2016 04:04

@AmigaJay have a button on the main menu for the "Big Six", and then use the original CD32 launcher program for those games ;)

Has anyone given thought to using the Reality Engine for a remake of Dizzy 1 etc? I'm not sure how flexible it is but I know it has a module specifically for Dizzy clones.

earok 02 March 2016 12:27

:great fair enough!

Regarding CD Audio, ImgBurn is a great tool for making CUE files (just drag your ISO on to the wizard, and then the MP3/WAV files, and then you're set).

Yolkfolk 03 March 2016 20:25

Graphics from Yolkfolk.com
While I fully welcome the conversion of the Dizzy series to CD32.
Have you credited myself as the creator of the images you have used for the menu?
They have more than a striking resemblance to http://yolkfolk.com/playdizzy/

Many Thanks


Yolkfolk 03 March 2016 20:43


Originally Posted by Amigajay (Post 1074987)

Sorry for neglecting to credit you for the menu images, i always credit people where needed, so apologies and i will rectify it shortly.

Great site btw!

Thats okay. :). Was just checking :). Downloaded and its a great compilation.
If there is anything I can help you with I'd be more than happy to.. Images, graphics etc.


goldarmour 03 March 2016 21:15

I'm having trouble finding the download link :(
Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance....

newflesh1 03 March 2016 21:43

Nice to see Yolkfolk getting a nod too :)
I was a massive Dizzy fan and remember playing on the first Dizzy on the Spectrum.So this compilation was a welcome addition for my cd32 collection.Thanks for all the work from everyone involved.

amigo-mexicano 04 March 2016 00:41


goldarmour 05 March 2016 14:57

Thanks for the quick reply, and keep up the good work!!!

twiggy 01 May 2016 14:33

Is there any way of pointing the Fantastic Dizzy RAM save to the NVRAM (or elsewhere) instead?

Lorfarius 26 October 2016 19:59

Everytime I load this on my CD32 it goes to the menu just fine but no matter which game I select it takes ages to load, then throws up a black screen and CD32 error message. Not been able to get it load anything, did try burning it on a different type of CD but same problem.

FOL 27 October 2016 12:54


Originally Posted by twiggy (Post 1086852)
Is there any way of pointing the Fantastic Dizzy RAM save to the NVRAM (or elsewhere) instead?

Depends on if its under 1kb.

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