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falconfx 10 September 2005 21:11

Looking for an old game
I suppose this game is very old.

At the beginning, you had to jump over a bridge to reach a kind of castle, else you fall in the water and some animals kill you.

I remember there was a scene where you had to turn right and open a door with a soccer, else you go straight and drink a fatal potion.

Also, when you get out from that room, you go for some circular falling stairs and you have to jump to continue.

I remember the game's primary color is yellow, such as the stairs I mentioned above.

This is all I remember.

Slayer 11 September 2005 00:04

sounds like the animated antics of Dragons Lair

falconfx 11 September 2005 12:37

Thank you very much Slayer!!! :great It's really Dragon's Lair.

Styx 26 November 2005 18:19


I am looking for a game and I am just usin this thread...

It was somehow like defender of the crown... you had a castle and your task was to beat all the others ... I remember two scenes. In one you had to defend your castle, there was ladders and enemies climbing you yould spill hot water or something on them. The other one that comes in my mind is where the two armies are shooting arrows at each other (you could only see the soldiers as tiny pixels)

Retro-Nerd 26 November 2005 18:25

maybe this one:


Styx 26 November 2005 18:30


Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd
maybe this one:


hey danke!

That it is indeed, that was quick.

Styx 26 November 2005 18:32

Hm. I can only find french version. Would someone please zone a german or english version for me? :blased

edit: I found a working version!

rodi 02 December 2005 22:30

Hello Styx,

I have put an english version and a deutsch version of Joan of Arc in the Zone : enjoy it.

Styx 03 December 2005 21:17


Originally Posted by rodi
Hello Styx,

I have put an english version and a deutsch version of Joan of Arc in the Zone : enjoy it.

tnx I appreciate that!

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