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Bombjacker 17 August 2001 02:00

What are the best Amiga tunes?
One of the things that impressed me most when I first saw an Amiga was not just what I saw but what I heard! imagine being used to a Spectrum and then hearing something like Starglider! I know its a sample but it amazed me at the time! Some of my fav tunes are by Chris Huelsbeck, especially Turrican 2. Also the demo scene produced arguably some of the best tunes on the Amiga - better than most games! Other favs of mine are LED Storm, not really coz of the tunez but the excellent sound programming.:)

Codetapper 17 August 2001 03:44

Some of my favourite game tunes
The good old days of 100k mods rather than a 20Mb mp3 file is another reason I think PC games are naff! Squeezing a kick-arse tune out of 100k of memory is just awesome! Anyway, some of my favourites (all from memory, some names maybe wrong!)

Chuck Rock (4Mat/Anarchy)
CJ's Elephant Antics (Allistair Brimble, great (small) chip tune!)
Final Fight (The Judge)
Harley Davidson (Kevin Collier)
Line of Fire (Uncle Art)
Lotus (all 3)
Project X (Allistair Brimble)
Qwak (Allistair Brimble)
SuperCars (both games) - Barry Leitch
Superfrog (Allistair Brimble)
Turrican (all 3 - Chris Huelsbeck)
Xenon 2 (Dave Whittaker)

Turrican 2 will probably be remembered by most Amiga guys as the best ever soundtrack for anything - that could be a movie soundtrack as far as I'm concerned, so many tunes and so suitable to each part of the game! Brilliant!

Ian 17 August 2001 03:49

My favourite is ....
Necroscope by 4Mat(Whoops, meant to say Mantronix:() (It's also called a few other names too)

If you want to give it a listen it's attached in THIS thread, it's only small and well worth the download IMO:D

It's the cracktro music for Birds Of Prey, also a few other cracks aswell.

APFelon 17 August 2001 04:21

Maybe pass'e, but...
Blood Money intro tune (First time I heard it I nearly peed my pants. Thank God I wasn't wearing any at the time)

Walker intro tune, because of the TweeKee "Goody! Goody!" (From a campy 80's scifi television show, Buck Rogers)

Giana Sisters intro tune (Huelsbeck is a friggin' genius).

And a demotune called "Condom Corruption".

For some reason, I like the Fairlight intro tune, too. Maybe for nostalgia reasons.

Frog 17 August 2001 04:39

hard question....
first i would like to say i'm quite agree with Codetapper. Before, composers should take care about the lenght and so instead of using massive high 44khz in full duplex samples they better try to do a great melody. I think the main reason to love old musics is all those nice melody :)

ok i'm a bit off-topic so... in no special order

· Turrican (all) - Chris Huelsbeck
· Apidya - Chris Huelsbeck
· Jim Power - Chris Huelsbeck
· Risky Woods - Jose.A.Martin
· Hero Quest - Barry Leitch (Baz)
· Stryx - Paul Summers
· Traps'n'Treasures - Ruedi Hugentobler
· Ghouls'n'Ghosts - Tim Follin (try www.c64audio.com and search the Tim Forsythe remix, worth to check !)
· Shadow of The Beast - David Whittaker
· Shadow of The Beast 2&3 - Tim Wright
· Leander - Tim Wright + Matthew Simmonds (4-Mat / ANARCHY)
· Cardiaxx - Matthew Simmonds (4-Mat / ANARCHY)
· Disposable Hero - Hein Holt + Rick Hoeckman
· Final Fight - Jolyons Meyers (The Judge / SAE)
· IK + - Dave Lowe (Uncle Art)
· Battle Squadron - Ron Klaren (Jungle Command)
· Unreal - Maniacs of Noise (M.o.N)
· Speedball - David Whittaker
· Stormlord - Johannes Bjerregard / M.o.N
· R-Type - Darius Zendeh
· Great Giana Sisters - Thomas Lopatic or Chris Huelsbeck (?)
· Astaroth - Jochen Hippel (Mad Max / TEX)
· Chamber of Shaolin - Jochen Hippel (Mad Max / TEX)
· Cybernoid 2 - Jochen Hippel (Mad Max / TEX)
· Amberstar - Jochen Hippel (Mad Max / TEX)
· Lethal Excess - Jochen Hippel (Mad Max / TEX)
· Wings of Death - Jochen Hippel (Mad Max / TEX)... ATARI RULEZ :laugh

and the last one : Defender Of The Crown - Jim Cuomo + Bill Williams ;)

without forgetting to mention : Ray Norrish, Rudolph Stember, Jean Baudlot (the ST-0x samples lover :)), Rob Hubbard, Ben Daglish, Martin Walker, Matt Furniss, Martin Iveson (Nuke/Anarchy), Allister Brimble and Karsten Obarski !

Twistin'Ghost 17 August 2001 05:51

Apidya Apidya Apidya!!!!!!!

Khephren 17 August 2001 09:49

Wasn't Necroscope by Mantronix?

My top tunes are

Electrification by Groo
Physical Presence by JL
Nearly There by JL
Horizon by Blaizer
Made by Blaizer
BA1 by SCS
Wasteland by SCS
Breath Control by Virgill
Mind Riot by Mr Man
Magical 2 by someone in Trilogy
Dynamic Vector by Moonraker
Musiklinjen by Firefox/TIP
Hardcore by 4-Mat
Human Target by Static
LK's Doskpop by LK
Madness Took Me by Uncle Tom
Desert Dreams mods by Laxity
Seeing is Believing mods by Nuke
Sainahi Circles by Heatbeat
Technological Death by XTD (i think)
Anything by Jester
Erection Attackk by Hein Design

...and thats just a small selection.

Tim Janssen 17 August 2001 10:07

My favourite tunes
The Amiga music I enjoy differs from time to time. Here is my current list of favourite Amiga tunes:

Darkman (Jonathan Dunn): The titletune of this game is incredibly moody. It is my favourite all-time Amiga tune;
Apidya (Chris Huelsbeck): All Chris Huelsbeck tunes in this game are great;
Jim Power (Chris Huelsbeck): Chris Huelsbeck does it again. Especially the Level 3 mod is awesome;
Hired Guns: The character-selection screen features a very funky track;
Ninja Spirit: Level 2 of this game features a very bombastic soundtrack. Plug in some boxes and enjoy the tune;
Death Mask: A very chilling title tune with use of many strings. You'll have to love it.

CodyJarrett 17 August 2001 11:14

My favourites:

Hired Guns Character Screen - I like this too!
Onslaught - game over tune
Dragonflight - tune while old guy explains things at start
Invaders 2 (Mental Image Disk 2) - High score tune
Xenon 2 - obviously (although music sounds suspiciously like from John Carpenter's Assault On Precinct 13
Shadow Of The Beast Trilogy
Campaign 2 - rock tune in intro (used it for a multimedia presentation once)
Cannon Fodder
Heroquest - two great tunes
Fly Harder - great intro music
BC Kid - nice title music
Colonization - appropriate colonization tunes
Blood Money
Chuck Rock - good rock song
Switchblade - lengthy build-up music
The First Samurai - good oriental style
Agony - mellow
Gem'X - great titlescreen music
Ultima 6 - music seems to fit with the game. Awesome character generation music. Makes you feel like you are starting something legendary
Lotus 2
No Second Prize - cool guitar music
Turrican Trilogy - awesome
Utopia - nice version of classical tune
Speedball 2

Drake1009 17 August 2001 12:45

My list of favorite Amiga tunes would be a little something like this

Lotus 2 & 3 (Never played 1 much so I can't remember the tune)
Pinball illusions intro tune
Pinball dreams and fantasies intro tunes and table select tunes were also quite good
Hired guns character selection
Flashback intro and end sequence tunes
Oscar AGA
Cloud kingdoms
Jumpin' Jack'son
Chaos engine title tune

One tune I was slightly disappointed by was the Dreamweb tune. I had already played Dreamweb on the PC. I think the music format there was a MOD variation of sorts which could easily have been the same on the Amiga. The PC version had really moody atmosphere in it's music while the Amiga version didn't catch any of the atmosphere.

Twistin'Ghost 17 August 2001 13:49

I know this may sound ridiculous, but I really liked the music in It Came From The Desert. When that game was first released, I bought it and played the game for ages with my friends, mostly over the Christmas holidays. Maybe it was just something incredibly cool about that time, but every time I hear that music, it takes me back to that wonderful era of my life.

I think this is the case with a lot of people's favorite 8-bit tunes on the C-64, because it places them back at that innocent part of their lives when that music was their soundtrack.

Akira 17 August 2001 19:23

Oh man, so many to choose from. My fave of all time is indeed Turrican 2, by master Hülsbeck. Otehr faves, in no particular order

- Apidya
- Turrican 3
- Katakis
- ALRIGHT! Almost every Hülsbeck and TFMX tune :)
- er.. the late Sensi songs (Cannon Fodder, SWOS, Sensi Golf, etc)
- Stardust (love that pumping alien-blasting techno beat :))
- Soccer Kid (luvverly)

And demo-wise, 9 Fingers and Desert Dream are my faves. Desert Dreams specially. Laxity is terrific.

Bloodwych 18 August 2001 13:42

I loved Amiga game music when I was a kid, so much so I used to load some games up for their music alone.

Even today, I still occasionally listen to many of the tunes you guys have mentioned, which are all fantastic. I'd just like to add some that have been overlooked so far, although I must stress, these are not my favourite of all time. Those awards go to many you have already put forward.

One great tune that really impressed me in the early amiga days (I was about 14 I think) was BEACHVOLLEY, man that had some great tunes especially the intro.

Another not mentioned so far was the intro music to LIBERATION; it suited the mood of the graphical intro perfectly and had an awesome tune.

SETTLERS is worth a mention, although after playing the game for several hours some might disagree!

And who could forget the great tunes in ROCK N ROLL, what a catchy tune that was!

I'm sure there are more but I won’t be greedy and I'll leave others to the next persons post.

Shatterhand 18 August 2001 21:03

Most of my fav tunes are already listed here..

I like the Battle Squadron tunes a lot
And Global Gladiators too...
Some tunes from Benefactor are nice too..

and my fav musician is by far Chris Huelsbeck, he made some incredible songs for Amiga...

Twistin'Ghost 18 August 2001 22:25

I remembered another cool one. Jumping Jack'son rocked! Oh, and I loved the music in Hard N Heavy, brief as it was.

Akira 18 August 2001 22:31

Oh yeah, Oloff Gustaffson... The Pinball series and Benefactor tunes are excellent.

By the way, I know where you are coming from Bloodwych. As I write this, Turrican 2 is running on the Amiga, in demo mode... The intro tune is amazing :))) But you don't really have to load up your miggy to listen to the tunes. Download them from a place like eXotica and then listen to them using DeliPlayer :D

It still sounds better directly pumping out from the 'meega :) I remember I used to do the same with my C128 when it was working. before SIDPlayers on PC existed, I booted up the ole brick to run Turbo Outrun and hear the musics :D

Burge 19 August 2001 08:15

Introducing my all time favourite Amiga tune:

*Bom diddly bom bom*

Batman: The Movie

Honourable mentions:

Treasure Island Dizzy (very close second)

Shadow of the Beast 1+2
Mega Lo Mania
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Crazy Cars
Super Cars 1+2
Hard and Heavy
Great Giana Sisters

Muzkat 19 August 2001 17:04

Some of my fave tunes:

Narc (wacky intro tune!)
Killing Game Show
Speedball 2
Xenon 2
All the Lotus's
Shadow of the Beasts
Jumping Jackson
Full Contact
Body Blows Galactic

Then I had some crack tunes that I knew I really liked, but can't actually remember!

Mad (Jumping Jackson crack)
Scoopex (Ork crack, I think)
Skid Row
Razor (Birds of Prey crack)

So much so did I love these tunes, that I once hooked up a stereo to my Amiga and recorded the tunes on tape, so I could listen to them on my walkman! Now that's loyalty, no?:cheese

Shatterhand 25 August 2001 10:12

this tune from the cracktro of Jumping Jackson (made by MAD) was also available in others cracktros too..
And if I am not mistaken, I remember hearing it in a C64 racing game too...

There's a cractro tune I find BRILLIANT, but I was never able to find it on internet...

It was in my copy of Arabian Nights. My copy asked first if I wanted to see the intro animation, if Y, then it shows the intro, and then AFTER that it shows this Trainer menu. It had a fantastic tune. If anyone has this copy of Arabian Nights, I would be very pleased to have in in an .ADF file

otro 24 October 2004 20:19

apidya forever & forever

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