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CodyJarrett 13 December 2005 14:44

The 5th Annual EAB IRC Xmas Shindig
Yes, the EAB Xmas IRC meeting is this Saturday - the 17th December!

It starts at 20:00 GMT.

I'll post more info later.

jmmijo 13 December 2005 15:32

Doesn't that figure, I'll be joining another party that day during this same time :lol

Well then since I will not be able to join, I hope everyone has a great holiday season with hopes of a fantastic new year :agree

BippyM 13 December 2005 15:38

Boomer.. I'll be out with some mates getting lashed on Saturday :(

It's not something I can cancel either as it has been planned for 6 weeks :(

Oh well.. Expect a pi$$3d Bippsy about 4am :laughing

Marcuz 13 December 2005 22:03

i will drop by sooner or later

sarek2k 14 December 2005 01:50

Darn i won't be around either my m8's mum's birtday and mine 6 days later lol:) it's the only reason i remeber cause mine is so close ;)

mind u i suppose i could do 8 till 9pm no sense in getting round me m8's house too early!

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