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vitux 03 September 2014 22:49

Unpublished May and Yam 1 y 2
Two small unpublished AMOS games, programmed by Hawk (group Future Brain)
One seems Pang clone, the other does not know.

s2325 03 September 2014 23:22

Thank you , May & Yam 1 is for 2 players only and have music from Kid Gloves 2. Game is simple but ok for single person. I think backgrounds should have dithering if possible. No music in game and basic sounds.
May & Yam 2 also have music from Kid Gloves 2 but different module - he must be fan of this game like me :) It's confusing platform game - press fire to teleport at any time, press up to jump. Here it's possible to choose 1 player mode. You are hunted by blue poop and you can escape by walking through the edge of playfield like in Pacman. Collect yellow dots, avoid everything else. Laughing voice is from Barbarian (1 vs 1 game).

vitux 04 September 2014 01:12

Ok, thank you.
Therefore music plagiarized? Well, it was a private game, not commercially.:-)
Buf!, constant games not published,

s2325 28 September 2014 17:23

hipoonios ulpoaded May & Yam 2 gameplay :great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUyBqHJFPMQ

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