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andreas 16 January 2002 09:19

*DOS* Fellow problems with my Athlon TB box

Just to test a game similar to the one Galahad discovered as a dirty hack using hardwired JMPs, I fired up good ol' Fellow DOS 0.3.2a on my Win2k box, Athlon TB 1.333 GHz, because this emulator version has always been invaluable for games with " broken" code.
But what did I see?
SPEED FASTER THAN A ROCKET ... :shocked :shocked :shocked

I tried with every setting imaginable but absolutely neither any intro nor demo were playable. Everything ran as if you had switched to WARP mode in VICE [C64 emulator]... :(
I set sound to "Emulated, no sound output" because I cannot get sound yet with Win2k.
Seems I have to install another Windows (9x) to get a reasonably SLOW speed again...
BTW: Does DOS Fellow work on XP, actually?

RetroMan 16 January 2002 11:25

Is your Win2k on NTFS ??? Cause I noticed the same issue on Win NT4 and NTFS, so I guess it´s a filesystem thing ! My friend got Win 2k installed on Fat32 and Fellow (DOS) runs at normal Speed on a 1,7GHz. P4 !!

RCK 16 January 2002 13:04

I also recommand to everyone to jump back to FAT32 for speed performance. (if you did'nt use security folders or files > 2Go)

Toni Wilen 16 January 2002 13:51

Why not jump then back to win9x if performance is everything ? :)

Seriously, I like NTFS because it is journaled. No need for loooong chkdsk if system crashes because of too big overclocking attempts or something similar :)

andreas 16 January 2002 20:53

Everything but NTFS.
C:\ is FAT (not FAT32 in order to access the C: partition using any boot disk if something screws up completely), the F: Disk (where my DOS Fellow resides) is FAT32.
No NTFS...but still lunatic speed.

RetroMan 16 January 2002 22:08

HA !! I found a way around it !
Go here : http://www.hpaa.com/moslo/ and download the MOSLO util !! With that one you can clock down your system with software untill 4,77Mhz :D No joke ..... I just tested it on a Win2k computer and it works really well, you just need to find the optimal settings for your system to run fellow (DOS) smoothly :)

jmmijo 17 January 2002 01:28

Yes that app has been around for a while, of course it was mainly used to get older MS-DOS apps to run on faster 386/486 boxes at the time these were written to run on an old XT box.

Also maybe somebody knows this for sure, but isn't this app basically a NO-OP type of program? One that adds a bunch of no-op's to delay the CPU cycles. Just wondering is all :)

RetroMan 17 January 2002 01:31

I guess it´s working like that, mainly because only the game (or emu) itself is affected, if you switch to Win with Alt-Tab for example, it´s the normal CPU speed ....

oldpx 17 January 2002 01:40

I tried Mo'slo before. It's mostly ok but sometimes it cannot keep the same speed and get too fast for a few moments.

This page has some similar programs:

I prefer turbo because it a windows application.

derSammler 17 January 2002 13:04

Re: *DOS* Fellow problems with my Athlon TB box

Originally posted by andreas
I set sound to "Emulated, no sound output" because I cannot get sound yet with Win2k.
Seems I have to install another Windows (9x) to get a reasonably SLOW speed again...

I think "Emulated, no sound output" is the problem. If you use WinUAE and disable the sound emulation, it runs to fast, too.

andreas 17 January 2002 14:46

Not always.
"Disabled but emulated" and "Disabled" isn't the same thing (I hope).

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