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tygre 21 January 2014 12:56

Legal Issues if Sharing RP9 Snapshots?
Hi there!

I looked into the forums for related question as well as on AmigaForever and RetroPlatform but could not find much information/discussions about the legal issues that go with sharing RP9 Snapshots. Given that a RP9 Snapshot includes disk images and such, I would think that it is not legal to distribute them (even for free) unless the disk images contain freely-distributable data... Is that so? Am I missing something?


DH 21 January 2014 15:56

Any RP9 that contains adf's of the Workench, or any other (c) files, no matter of the version, is still copyrighted, so you cannot freely share that or a saved snapshot either. Besides, 'Save Snapshot' is ghosted out on (c) material from what I can see.

Basically the RP9 filetype is just a zip archive, so you can open it up with WinZIP, remove the (c) material, if you were able to save a snapshot, and then distribute the rest.

I hope this answers your question :)

tygre 22 January 2014 02:13

Yes, absolutely, thanks!

ma693541 22 January 2014 09:07

There was uploaded some RP9 archives last year, don't remember the uploader's name now, but they contained Workbench images from AmigaForever.
Do we have a "The Zone!" moderator here on EAB?

DH 22 January 2014 12:57

Generally the GM's moderate The Zone, but with everything that gets uploaded it's not practical to continually check and download every single upload.

Basically we rely on the good nature of the members to report things that contain, or may contain, (c) material.

A good point to consider is, if you're not sure about the legality of the material you're uploading to the Zone, or even the ftp, then contact a GM or mod, who will gladly help.

Arnie 22 January 2014 19:01


Originally Posted by ma693541 (Post 934088)
There was uploaded some RP9 archives last year, don't remember the uploader's name now, but they contained Workbench images from AmigaForever.
Do we have a "The Zone!" moderator here on EAB?

Are you sure they contained the images?

You can add a 'built in boot' to the RP9 but the RP9 doesn't contain the boot image, just loads it from AF on the users PC.

ma693541 23 January 2014 02:59

Yes Arnie, im sure one archive contained at least this file; amiga-os-300-workbench.adf or amiga-os-310-workbench.adf. I don't have the RP9 archives anymore on my computer.

DH 23 January 2014 11:39

Well, the rp9 file won't exist any more in the Zone now anyway, but it could have been transferred to the ftp, depending on the importance of it.

Somehow I doubt it would have been, being that it would have been a user defined file rather than an original etc. It's probably long gone now.

tygre 01 September 2014 04:14


Sorry to revive this threat but playing with AmigaForever and my rp9-snapshots of my game of Tower of Babel, I had a problem loading my snapshots because I had reinstalled AmigaForever without adding back the rp9 file of the game.

So, it seems to me that a rp9-snapshots does not contain the original disks/files because the original rp9 file is needed for a snaptshot to be loaded in AmigaForever... However, the sizes of rp9-snapshots is often greater that that of the rp9 file... but maybe it is just because the whole memory is saved?

My question is: could we share rp9-snapshots legally? Only people with the corresponding rp9 file seem to be able to use them. What do you think?

Arnie 01 September 2014 18:46

Can you explain what you mean by "snapshots" ?
How do you make a "snapshot" ?

tygre 02 September 2014 02:05

Hi Arnie!

Sure: when you are playing a game in AmigaForever (I bought the 2014 Plus Edition, v6.9.3.3), at the bottom of the window (in window mode), you have a tool bar with various "buttons" (some look like 3 1/2 disks, others like a camera).

The first choice is "Options", it looks like, uh..., a green led? and when you click it, this pop-up menu appears, which offers you the choice to "Save Snapshot": this choice create a rp9-snapshot file with which you can start your game exactly where you left it :) Buuut, to use a rp9-snapshot, it seems that you must have in the same directory the original rp9 file from which you started the game...

... So, my guess is that we could legally share rp9-snapshot, what do you think?

Arnie 02 September 2014 18:50

I reckon you could, after all it's only a save game. As you said, you would need the actual .rp9 available to carry on from the save point. Without it the save point wouldn't work.

tygre 02 September 2014 19:42

Hi Arnie et all!

Yes, it seems so: the page on AmigaForever says that


If moving or copying snapshots for preservation purposes, it is important to keep together the .rp9-snapshot file(s) with the corresponding .rp9 file.
but it seems to me that, if the receiver of a snapshot has the original rp9 file, it should be able to replay the snapshot... I asked AmigaForever, I'll keep you posted of their answer...


Arnie 02 September 2014 20:58

Just had a play around with this and although AF states that you need the corresponding .rp9 you can just rename the .snapshot to .rp9 and the game is playable. So unless you remove the .adf's from the snapshot then I guess you could have problems distributing snapshots.

tygre 02 September 2014 21:38

Ah, good catch! Let see now what AF says and if there is a possibility to systematically remove any copyrighted material (ADFs, anything else?) from the rp9-snapshots...


Arnie 02 September 2014 21:42

I can't see why Cloanto made the snapshots to include the adf's as the snapshots work just as well without them, and the snapshot is smaller (around 600kb)

tygre 18 September 2014 19:06


Hope that you are doing well! I did two things:
  • I talked with someone from Cloanto and he gave me the green light to share RP9-Snapshot files of my game of Tower of Babel :cool
  • I also tried to rename my RP9-Snapshot files from .rp9-snapshot to .rp9 but, then, I cannot run them: the snapshots that I created do not contain the original ADF file (or files from the original disk). They look like to contain only the state of the emulator.

So, at this point, I would think that it is safe to share RP9-Snapshots (provided that renaming them as RP9 files does not allow to run the original game...).


Arnie 18 September 2014 20:04

Do you embed the files in your RP9s' or load them from an external source?

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