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Havie 28 September 2018 00:49

Discussion: Warpgate
Title: Warpgate

Genre: Arcade/Platform/Puzzler

Original concept: Sort of (if portal had never been invented)

Expected game size: Planning 10 levels with a number of mini-games as part of each level.
May fit on a disk (or 2)

Team members (Real or forum names): Havie and may persuade someone to help with graphics.

Targeted spec: A500 and above

Tools to be used:
Blitz 2 (sorry no assembler)
Dopus 4 (my favourite version)
Real A1200 and A600 for testing

Description of game:
The plan is to make the game a scrolling platform game where the aim is to get home. To do this you have to find the the exit on each level. You will have a warp gun (might be a bit portal like :)) that will allow you to get to different parts of the screen or interact with objects. At the end of each level a warp will take you to a mini-game. You must complete the mini-game to collect a section of the warpgate. Once all the sections are completed you have one last journey (mingame) to get home and finish the game.

May morph into something completely different over time...:nuts

roondar 04 October 2018 16:05

Sounds like an interesting idea, a 2D 'portal gun' game could be great fun I think :)

seuden 04 October 2018 20:14

Loved portal. Good luck.

Havie 04 October 2018 21:51

Damn - you've seen through my clever name....might be a 'bit' Portal like...

Although the theory is that the warpgates take you through to the mini-games too.

Havie 01 March 2019 00:58

Well here are the seven levels created so far. The game is a bit buggy but all the levels are possible. Hopefully there are no game breaking bugs!


Struggled to upload to the zone and didn't have time to add to my website so have just shared via Google drive.

Controls are keyboard a-left, d-right, s-jump w-pickup box, z (or is it x - late and tired) drop box (or use a joystick) and mouse to control target with left button to shoot a warpgate.

Hope you enjoy what I have done so far...

Havie 01 March 2019 01:17

Tested adf on my 1200 - the good news is that it runs but sadly there appears to be some corruption to the screen. Game remains playable.

As with others, time became and issue and just needed some more...

Amazingly, the game just fits on one disk - pure luck, there was no pre-planning involved. Anyway, I released this so people could get a feel for how it works and if there is interest, I will finish it.

Good luck to all that have crossed the finish line tonight!

Predseda 01 March 2019 08:04

Warpgate or Wargate? Confused by the 1st post.

EDIT: ok, Warpgate. Who did the music?

Havie 01 March 2019 09:19

Edited - only been there for 6 months!

With regard to music, unfortunately the name of the composer is lost in the annuals of time - been on my Amiga for years. If you know anyway I could find out then would love to add their name?

Did the game work OK?

Havie 01 March 2019 09:23

Didn't get time to add a read me so if you have a go and get stuck here are some tips:

- get to the door to exit level
-not all walls/floors allow you to place a warpgate
- on most levels the arrows are helpful
-when a warp gate is formed there is a helpful sound.

Predseda 01 March 2019 12:32

The game did work for me until level 3 - I tried to put the box on the switch, but it got stuck in the wall right to the switch.

Aladin 01 March 2019 12:34

same thing for me for level 3 and the box

Havie 01 March 2019 17:07

Thought I'd fixed that.... Grrrrr!

Havie 01 March 2019 23:29

Have tested it and seemed to work fine for me - were you carrying the box and dropping it or pushing it?

I know the game is buggy though and now the compo is finished I will have time to get some bug testers helping me out...but don't want to confuse matters by uploading a bug fixed version yet!

Thanks or playing and keep trying as I know you can get to the end of level 7 and I have tried to make some interesting puzzles in the later screens.

Aladin 02 March 2019 00:29

2 Attachment(s)
good luck to continue this game. I like it

For box at level 3, you must push the box

Havie 02 March 2019 11:19

Thanks for that - hopefully will allow others to get further!

I am sue I stop a box being dropped in the wall and had it working but I guess in the mad rush to get something done I got code muddled!!!

I'm also glad you like it - I do intend to finish it but will definitely take a break as am completed knackered from late nights coding, working and our poor cat being very ill and having to spend time with vet and have discussions about putting to sleep etc. I could, do with McGeezer's time management skills.

mcgeezer 02 March 2019 14:53


Originally Posted by Havie (Post 1308161)
I could, do with McGeezer's time management skills.

Code early morning, debug at night, all there is to it.

phx 02 March 2019 15:29

Just tried it. But I don't understand what to do, although I think I have read this thread.

In the first level I'm standing before I white wall (or is it a "box"?), but I cannot pass it. I cannot jump high enough and no other function works.

BTW, in the menu you write "press button", but the game is only started when pressing the "mouse" button. Game is controlled with joystick on the second port though.

It would also be nice to have the disk bootable when you make an ADF. :)

Aladin 02 March 2019 15:37

for first level you must creating a warpgate to cross the wall (warpgate is creating with the mouse: an entrance and an exit)

phx 02 March 2019 15:59

Indeed! The intro screen even says "Use the mouse", but I ignored that part. :)

Works! Thanks.

Havie 02 March 2019 16:51


Originally Posted by mcgeezer (Post 1308205)
Code early morning, debug at night, all there is to it.

When do you sleep?

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