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Akira 09 October 2001 21:50

How does your 'game room' look like?
Here is a site of a mate with pics of many different game rooms. I wonder if any of you guys have such cool setups? I don't have pictures of my setup, got to take some so I submit them to this site :)

Here's the link:


Click on ROOMS and be sure to check elend^LFC^mNz!'s setup. He has LOTS of Amiga goodies, many games in pristine condition!

If you have pics of your game/puter setup or collection, post here!

RetroMan 09 October 2001 22:06

:D:D:D think no one wants to see my room ;) It´s a mess, since everything fits where is ANY room for it (for example I have a little Computer Desk, you know the standart one, where are 4 Amigas and one MSX on it !!!). It´s really not very good looking here hehehe ....

Fred the Fop 09 October 2001 23:27

I will let you have a peek into my black soul.
I hate clutter. Anywhere..I hate it. I'd remove my own moribund organs if I could. I am the opposite of a pack rat, a non Nordic Nordic admirer of nordic efficiency and sleekness. The way I eat, live, dress, furnish, talk, compute etc is sleek, simple and neat. To the point of obsession. I do not pull punches or waste breath. Thats why I post prolifically here....Its an outlet for an otherwise laconic fella. It's the reason I love Apple's products, partially. Neat, no nonesense. No jewelry or frills, just elegance the way it ought to be. I need no clutter or facade. Thats why I find Liberace funy..hes the opposite of my, behaviour and style wise, tha t baroque poof:p
See me as I am. So, I have one desktop, a PC. Its on my desk. I emulate only. (Though I'm shopping for a Saturn, and only because Iron Storm should be played on a big screen.
All CDs and games are in a beautiful chinese style pull handle antique chest. I have no game room. its all a large studio apartment, hence....

Fred the Fop 10 October 2001 00:03

Akira is embarrassed at his collection of Liberace paraphanalia and Twist has a massive shrine to Mike Lookinland, I hear.
S4murai is shown on the right here with his pal, Irwin Keyes (Hugo of The Jeffersons" fame). The photo is from a convention dedicated to showcasing Sears Astrocade set ups.

Amigaboy 10 October 2001 00:32

OMG! Elend!!!!

Fark that guy was cool. I haven't heard from him in months

Akira 10 October 2001 20:26

Fred, I hate clutter meself :)

About elend, well, enter any efnet server, /join #shmups and talk to the guy :) He's there always! Very nice guy (and he lieks Amiga too, what else ya wanT? :D)

You cowards, post pics of yer setup. :)

Amigaboy 10 October 2001 22:36

Nah. You don't want to see my setup ;)

Akira 10 October 2001 23:05

If I didn't want to I would have not posted this thread :P

Seems I will haev to kickstart it, expect lots of pics :)

RetroMan 11 October 2001 10:52

1 Attachment(s)
Okok, you got it, here´s a pic of my game room :

RetroMan 11 October 2001 10:53

Hupppsss :D Seems that I´ve forgotten to turn on the light :laugh:laugh

Akira 11 October 2001 18:29

BLehhh :D

CodyJarrett 11 October 2001 18:34

1 Attachment(s)
Here's a low quality scan of some of my Amiga games about half a year ago. The full collection is a bit bigger.

Which ones can you spot? :)

Akira 11 October 2001 18:42

Yeahhh, that's what I wanted to see! CodyJarret :D

Paul 11 October 2001 19:43

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I don't have a games room, but this is a corner of my bedroom, a few years ago before I got my first PC in 97. Unfortunately my A600 died a couple of weeks ago.

RetroMan 11 October 2001 20:18

1 Attachment(s)
Ah well, this is the only foto of a part of my room, which I have handy right now ..... you see, I have all kind of games mixed together in no particular order or something .... If you have sharp eyes, you can see some NeoGeo games, PC games, MegaCD (Genesis) games, Amiga games and C64 games ..... uhhh, just saw, the C64 games aren´t on that foto, ah well, I make some new these days ;) oh btw. there are even two CD32 games on the foto :D:D:D

Akira 11 October 2001 20:56

Heh! one had to kickstart it so the others follow, I told ya!!

Paul, nice setup, with Technological Death demo showing off and all :)

Retroman, why on earth do you have Crossed Swords? :D

RetroMan 11 October 2001 21:08


Originally posted by Akira
Retroman, why on earth do you have Crossed Swords? :D
:laugh why not :D for me it´s one of the coolest NeoGeo games, I got NO Beat´Em Up´s on NeoGeo, only Jump´n Run, Shoot´em ups and such things :)

Akira 11 October 2001 21:20

The you have very few games :D

I'd be happy if only I have Pulstar and Last Blade 2. Yeah that would be a complete NG collection :D I'm thinking about buying a 1 slot MVS, I dont wan to overpay for home carts.

BTW have you seen Sengoku 3 (latest NG game)? GREAT stuff!

RetroMan 11 October 2001 22:36

Lemme take a look ..... I own : Crossed Swords, Magican Lord, Thrash Ralley, Last Resort, Metal Slug and Viewpoint (sadly Viewpoint cartridge is broken :crying:crying:crying ) Not much yet I would say ..... but as I said, I don´t care about Beat´Em Ups ;)

Paul 12 October 2001 10:14


Originally posted by s4murai
I think on the left screenshot of Paul you can see a face from the DPaint2 art disk... :shocked
Actually it's DPaint3 art disk which I cant download anywhere. I do have the original 3 disks and handbook, but I can not ADF them as my A600 is dead:sad

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