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Rotr 07 June 2004 09:30

PDA's growing up, emulation reallity.
As PDA's are maturing in terms of capability I'm wondering how far we are of in terms of it being feasable to write an A500 emulator for it.
The current specs being as they are 400Mhz and displays that can handle amiga resolutions I guess we are getting close to being able to port winfellow over to a windows mobile enabled device.

I don't have a clue on writing emulators so it's just a guess I'm making and I understand you can't compare a 400Mhz XCPU with a 400Mhz PIII.
Also I guess winuae would be out of the question because of the reliance on directx. So I think it would have to be a port of winfellow.

Maybe you guys can comment on this and we can see a future where the handheld amiga becomes a reallity.

Methanoid 07 June 2004 09:47

WinFellow is kinda dead.. DosFellow likewise.. the only "live" emulator is WinUAE and that is not about speed but compatibility. Since the ST emulator is there but I understand not superfast I imagine we are still some way off Amiga emus. The person to ask is the author of CastCE who also writes a PSX emu for PDAs.

fiath 07 June 2004 10:35

Fellow is no longer dead:

Toni Wilen 07 June 2004 10:51

WinUAE's sources contain many configuration options for smaller devices (sysconfig.h) and even more in future version.

DirectX is not a problem because Drummond's UAE uses SDL which should be available for every possible operating system.

The goal is to run UAE in Symbian OS smartphones. (like P800/900) Of course CPU speed is probably too low but..

Akira 07 June 2004 16:42

Wasn't there an Amiga emu running on the Zaurus? I think FromWithin posted pics of it!
Here: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?...ghlight=zaurus

FromWithin 07 June 2004 17:28

For all but the most ridiculously hardware-banging games, UAE is very usable on my Zaurus. The biggest problem with the XScale CPU is that it has no floating-point operations in hardware. Any floating point stuff is emulated in software which slows things down a fair bit. Apart from that, it's still 400MHz, so it's pretty damn swift.

Rotr 08 June 2004 08:40

This is all very positive news, since there's a version of UAE on the Zaurus it shouldn't be to difficult to compile it for other xscale processors although at first glance I see a lot of libraries that seem only available for the zaurus.

Also I didn't know about the SDL ( simple direct media layer ).
Thanks for the info Tony.
I once had a look at trying to set up a compiler environment for winuae but gave up rather easy when trying to collect the needed software.

I've got a couple of weeks of vacation coming soon, and if the weather and my wife permit it I'll spend some time behind the PC trying to get a clue, who knows, it might be easier than it looks (seriously doubting it though!).

spiff 08 June 2004 11:59

Dave (the finalburn/mame guy) released picodrive a megadrive/geneis emu and its.. well damn fast :)
The emu uses a arm assembly core for the m68k and runs fullspeed geneisis with out sound on a p800 (150mhz arm).
So if this core gets around and there are som other fixes you can probably run most m6800 >10mhz stuff.. on any amr device with out other "heavy" stuff emulated (sound, transparency)

ant512 15 June 2004 11:43

1 Attachment(s)
How about one of these instead of a PDA:


The basic model is a 900MHz Celeron with 256MB of 266DDR RAM, a touch screen, Sound Blaster compatible sound card, 800x600 5" display, runs Windows XP and costs $2199. Pretty much the ultimate portable emulation machine; it even looks like an old Nintendo Game & Watch. Shame it doesn't have a joystick.

More pics here:


Akira 15 June 2004 11:48

OOOOh, an U50! Me wants!
But first, I'll buy a TR-3

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