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laffer 05 September 2007 10:49

The Lost Vikings longplay
I just made a longplay of The Lost Vikings. This version of the game has very good music compared to the PC version (of course).

I uploaded it to Youtube but it will soon be on Recorded Amiga Games as well in much better quality so it would be better to watch it there.

Anyway, here are the Youtube links -

Part 1/20 (introduction)
Part 2/20
Part 3/20
Part 4/20
Part 5/20
Part 6/20
Part 7/20
Part 8/20
Part 9/20
Part 10/20
Part 11/20
Part 12/20
Part 13/20
Part 14/20
Part 15/20
Part 16/20
Part 17/20
Part 18/20
Part 19/20
Part 20/20 (ending sequence)

girv 05 September 2007 11:27

Awesome :great I could never finish the last level in this game despite trying many, many times. I'll be very interested to see how it is done! Nice work, laffer :)

Dizzy 05 September 2007 12:26

Yes nice Laffer. Lost viking is a fun game to play :)

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