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mattbarton.exe 17 October 2009 19:08

Matt's System Shock 2 Video Review
Hi, guys! I hope you like my new YouTube video about System Shock 2. It is a pain to get running on a modern system, but worth the trouble. It's a good scary game for you to enjoy during Halloween!


P.S. In case you missed it, last week's episode was on Jade Empire.

Peter 18 October 2009 01:53

Never played System Shock 2... I am amazed at the number of games I have never really heard of... I think I am going to have to live to be around 165 to be able to play all these games... I am not even going to start to think about all the games that haven't been released yet...!

TCD 18 October 2009 02:02

I played System shock 1 a lot, but due to the problems with XP, I never got into System Shock 2 yet. Found some info though and I guess I should really give this one a try. Thanks for the heads up Matt :great

Retro-Nerd 18 October 2009 02:06

System Shock 2 is one of my favorite FPS games, together with the Thief series and Deus Ex. Yep, very creepy indeed. The Action RPG elements fits the gameplay/story. Should play it again. :)

Si-Pie 18 October 2009 03:18

Another great video Matt thanx. Love System Shock 1 and 2. Never actually got around to finishing System Shock 2 but may try and get it up and running again and give it a go.

mattbarton.exe 18 October 2009 04:59

Thanks for all the great comments, guys and gals. I really appreciate the feedback!

I was just recording some Amiga footage earlier for our movie--Boing, Juggler demo, Shadow of the Beast, Lemmings, and now for Sensible Soccer. Woohoo!

gilgamesh 19 October 2009 00:58


Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid (Post 606179)
I played System shock 1 a lot, but due to the problems with XP, I never got into System Shock 2 yet. Found some info though and I guess I should really give this one a try. Thanks for the heads up Matt :great

You can actually play it under XP by now? I bought an old Shock2 CD from a public library (€2,- ;)), and was very disappointed when it wouldn't start. (VirtualBox might be another option since they included DX3D support.)

TCD 19 October 2009 01:03


Originally Posted by gilgamesh (Post 606413)
You can actually play it under XP by now?

There some patches and guides out there how to get System Shock 2 working on XP. Have a look here for example : http://www.moddb.com/mods/system-sho...-fix/downloads Luckily some guy on UG made a nice package... ;) Yet have to try it though :)

Retro-Nerd 19 October 2009 12:50

Yep, System Shock 2 works great with the XP "trick". :)

Mogilny 19 October 2009 16:19

Well done. I watched your reviews of some of the games I used to play, like Rockstar Ate My Hamster, Elite and The Oregon Trail. When I get the time im gonna watch a few more, looking forward to Defender of the Crown and MI. :)

Predabot 19 October 2009 23:32

That's some good stuff there, Matt. :)

I actually played the demo of this way back when it came out, and I'm a little bit embarrassed to say it, but it scared the living crap out of me!! :o

I was like 14 at the time, but it was still too scary for me to complete it, or get the full copy. Heh. I should have a look at this again... but with some high-rezolution packs, of course. :)

mattbarton.exe 20 October 2009 03:14

Thanks for the great comments!

Make sure you check out these sites:



Pretty much everything you need to get the game running and enhanced with some great mods.

PowerPie5000 20 October 2009 04:39

Excellent video! System Shock 2 is certainly a game i remember as it gave me the creeps playing it all through the night :laughing I can't remember playing the first game but i got this one as soon as it came out after playing the demo.

I'm glad i keep a few old PC's just for games like this... no compatibility issues with Windows 98 :)

Styx 20 October 2009 10:11

Matt, I really like your stuff though the episodes could be a little longer say 15 minutes. Looking forward for the next ones. Keep up the good work!

mattbarton.exe 20 October 2009 22:35

I'm sure YouTube will eventually let us make videos as long as we want. When that happens, I'll probably go to a 30 minute program with some extra segments.

gilgamesh 20 October 2009 22:58

Yay, that would be cool. :great

Btw, comparing Doom to Ultima Underworld made me think. I know, which I like better. Never played much Doom, though. Doom, Hexen, ROTT, Dark Forces: all the same to me. Shooters became interesting with Half-Life (hint, hint :D).

TCD 20 October 2009 23:08

Then you missed out on Hexen and Dark Forces ;) Really those two are worth a look, even if you're not so much into the 'brainless killing spree' kind (aka Doom *hint hint* :D).

gilgamesh 20 October 2009 23:31

Ouch, I mistook Heretic for Hexen. Never actually played Hexen. Jedi Knight II was quite neat.

Don't get me wrong, I think that e.g. Thief and System Shock 2 play in the same league as Half-Life. Yet Half-Life is the best, while Thief has the best intro :D.

mattbarton.exe 21 October 2009 00:27

I think Half-Life 2 is probably the most fun I've ever had with an FPS. I really got sucked in to that game right from the beginning. I also enjoyed the original Far Cry, Crysis (or however it's spelled), Deus Ex, the various Rainbow Six games, Quake 4, and of course Halo. I played Unreal Tournament 2004 with some friends on a LAN and had a good time.

I actually met Romero and interviewed him for our movie. He's without question the coolest developer I have ever met. His knowledge of the early days is staggering for such a young person; you can tell he really, REALLY loves gaming (totally unlike some of the other developers, who are only in it for the money).

TCD 21 October 2009 00:40

HL 1 & 2 are for sure masterpieces :) Deus Ex got me really confused the first time I played it, since it looked like an FPS, but it wasn't one (and yes I played System Shock before ;)).
Nice to hear that John Romero is really as much into gaming as it seems through his games (with the exception of Daikatana...). Doom really was a totally different expierence, even if Wolfenstein 3D already showed what these guys were able to come up with. I still consider Sandy Petersen to be one of the greatest level designers for a FPS :agree

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