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Twistin'Ghost 05 October 2002 12:46

Coolish...will have to try it out. I never had any speed issues with Thexder (on a real Amiga; haven't tried it in emulation). Got any screens from Fire Hawk? Only if MSX, no PC shots please!

Shatterhand 06 October 2002 06:56

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Fred, have you ever played the MSX version? I think Sierra lost something when converting the game to other systems, the action doesn't seem as "hot" as in the MSX version.

I must admit I only discovered Thexder was released for Amiga (and ANY other system besides MSX) with emulation. It was a nice surprise to find that, as Thexder is one of my fav MSX games :D , so maybe my impressions of Amiga Thexder were wrong because of emulation.

Here are a few screenshots of Fire Hawk. Man, the sound of this game is GREAT !

Fred the Fop 06 October 2002 07:11

Hey Shatty, here is the Apple ][ GS version. Not too hot for me. And also, Apple ][ GS emulation is far behind Amiga or MSX emulation. So some games cannot use a joystick, as did this one. :(
The MSX version? I am going to try that. And Fire Hawk looks superb!!

Twistin'Ghost 06 October 2002 09:47

I just remember the Amiga version was very smooth and clean when I played it in the old days. I'll soon fire up the game in WinUAE and see how it compares.

Fire Hawk looks coolish. I need to make the time to try it out, as well!

Fred the Fop 06 October 2002 12:06

Ayyyy....you can't play any games now. HOL is still to be born!

Shatterhand 06 October 2002 18:41

I'll take a shot at Thexder Amiga emulated again soon, just to clear my memory :D

The Apple ][ GS version looks a bit like the PC version, which isn't a good thing.

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