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Twistin'Ghost 12 September 2002 02:30

Well spoken, guys. But the film industry has its indie films that wind up on Sundance. And music has its lo-fi scene that doesn't have to play by the rules. Is the computer/gaming scene so shallow that they don't have an alternative scene anymore?

The problem here is that such a scene can exist, but nobody seems interested in doing this...they only seem to get into computing for the money. Web pages seem to have one thing in mind...selling ads. The whole planet has become one huge whorehouse, only instead of smelling of a fishmarket, it reeks of feces.

How prophetic those little lemmings really were...

On the upside, we still have a nice scene on the Amiga with the tireless efforts in WinUAE development, WHD installs, the upcoming HOL...all with people who do it for the love of the machine. Even the Abandonware scene can't claim this with their spam/pop-up sites that force adverts down one's throats.

blackcornflake 12 September 2002 03:42

Agreed on all points, Twist.

Wasted Dreams demo is in the Zone, Akira. I have downloaded it and tried it on my A1200, and it works fine. The first thing I did in the game was punch my buddy in the back. Ha ha! :laughing

The game has a co-operative 2 player option. Cool.

RetroMan 12 September 2002 04:14


Originally posted by Akira
Clickboom hasn't done a single quality title IMO.
I disagree with this one :) NAPALM for example is awesome :D It even beats C&C on the PeCe by miles !

Akira 12 September 2002 04:52

Thanks Black!!!

Retro: hmm.. I dont like CC type games but I have not tried this one. Is still one game enough to praise them that much? :)

Epic and Hyperion seem to take the cake, IMO.

RetroMan 12 September 2002 04:56


Originally posted by Akira
Is still one game enough to praise them that much? :)

No :D But you said they did not make a SINGLE QUALITY TITLE :cheese

Akira 12 September 2002 05:08

Yes, I stand corrected then :) T-Zero is not that bad, it's a decent game. but it's not the second coming as they put it!

Fred the Fop 12 September 2002 06:04

Amiga OS needs to go open source, Twist. This is exactly, besides the vaporEVERYTHING about Amiga.inc, why I keep slamming the hardware and business practise of Amiga.inc.
This OS reeks to be placed in the hands of Amiga community, not in the hands of inept idiots at Amiga.inc.
Like no other open source OS, this OS will be lovingly done right.

Akira 12 September 2002 06:07

I think Open Source sucks. it just lets OSes get bloated with unnecessary shit (read:Linux)

alkis21 12 September 2002 08:44

Virtual Programming will port Kick Off 2002 on AmigaDE (whatever that is:confused ). Read about it here: http://www.amigaflame.demon.co.uk/amikickof.htm

blackcornflake 12 September 2002 15:58

AmigaDE is the Amiga 'Digital Environment'. It is built on Tao Group's elate, which in turn is built on top of a Virtual Processor system allowing it to run natively on a wide range of CPUs or hosted under another OS. VP code is abstracted from the hardware: binaries are 'write once, run anywhere'. It is Amiga's bid for the digital convergence market space (hnngh). Amiga content (hnngh) on your PDA, toaster, whatever.

DE is completely separate from AmigaOS4, although the two are (were?) going to converge to form OS5.

@Akira: Demo of Codename: Hellsquad is in the Zone. It looks quite amusing. :)

oldpx 12 September 2002 16:19

Aqua looks like poop. I don't think that kind of stuff is that amigans deserve. Is it in any way superior than old pc myst style adventures? Why are the graphics that ugly? I've seen games from 80s that look better than that.

blackcornflake 12 September 2002 16:32

Hey, I didn't write it! :p

Yeah, so it isn't a bedroom programmer classic. But it must have its merits, and some peeps might dig it. I just thought I'd bring it to EAB attention. If nobody buys it, the authors won't have another stab at making a better game.

oldpx 12 September 2002 17:52

I mean, you can earn nothing if you release this title on a larger platfom for it doesn't seem to be original yet it clearly falls behind competition technically. Stuff that was made after CMBs demise like Breathless, Uropa 2 or Final Odyssey, Damage, Foundation, Blitz Bombers, Napalm, OnEscapee etc.. are high quality titles but there are some titles that really only exist because game releases on Amiga platofrm are sparse and some developers try to use this opportunity to earn money by just developing poor titles like Mobile Warfare, Blade, Hilt and now this. I'm not dying to play a new game on my miggy if it's not a game that is made to be played, not bought.

blackcornflake 12 September 2002 18:06

Yeah, I agree. :agree Some releases are indeed quite shocking - the idea presumably being that Amiga gamers are so desperate for the merest crumbs, they'll go for any old tat.

I thought Aqua looked OK myself. I guess it's a subjective thing. :)

Anyway, sounds like you have yet to plumb the real depths of low quality post-CBM/Escom game releases. The magazine review scanning initiative will reveal all manner of horrors. :shocked

Akira 12 September 2002 18:25


Originally posted by Burseg
Aqua looks like poop.
And so do many games in those pages (I am having nightmares with that racing game I saw... ahhhh!!). It's a real shame that the ywant to sell this kind of stuff :D

Shatterhand 13 September 2002 00:52

Hey Twistin, do you want an alternative gaming scene? Try the freeware one. That's where I've been looking for new games lately, and I found some very good games.

The MSX gaming scene isn's much different, people make games that sells in less than a hundred copies

Twistin'Ghost 13 September 2002 03:04

Actually, you are quite right, Shatterhand. The bottom line is that the most interesting development is always gonna come from the bedroom, so to speak. Even applying that to modern times, this is where UAE was conceived. And let's not forget the cultural phenomenon Napster! In fact, in the latter's case, it's ironic that the monoliths could only takeover and crush it in order to quell the public's consumption. It's the difference between being assembled by a human or a machine.

I still browse the new releases at Aminet. There was a time a few years back that I never ever missed any update at Aminet, but I am just spread too thin these days and miss a few. But it's like missing new episodes of The Simpsons...I know that one day there will be a bunch for me to go back and discover!

Akira 13 September 2002 04:50

1 Attachment(s)

It's all in japanese, but with some patience and luck, you will find many BRILLIANT Japanese free/shareware games.

An alternative is going to http://shop.himeya.com , and check the games for sale. Most times they include a link to the creators' homepage where you can download a demo and many other games :D

Right now I'm playing a VERY adictive beach volley game. it's the Demo version, though. Still mega fun :D

Shatterhand 13 September 2002 06:54

Hey, this beach volley game looks great!

If the freeware gaming scene is good, the japanese freeware gaming scene is even better ! :D

Korodny 13 September 2002 10:17

And don't forget that Tales of Tamar hast just been released: http://www.tamar.net

If you're into turn-based strategy, this is a must have. It's E-Mail based, the actual software is free, you're only paying for the turns. Probably the best anti-piracy measure mankind ever invented ;)

The 'freeware scene' is really promising. With OpenGL (for 3D titles) and SDL (for everything else) two very good platform indepent library systems are available. Once the actual library is ported, porting the game is relatively easy. Especially with SDL the process of porting a game is a simplified a lot.

As most freeware games are open source now we can look forward to a host of 'retro' titles. Check this site for some SDL games compiled for AmigaOS. Granted, they're not the most imaginative titles one could think of, but they show what's possible (technically) with these libraries.

Personally I'm looking forward to the Amiga release of 'Elite - The new Kind'. Good old Elite (reverse engineered BBC Elite) with some additional missions and other goodies thrown in - and it multitasks! That should finally give me the chance to get 'Elite' status :D

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