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slaapliedje 05 September 2019 12:35

updated KX Light install for Amiga Forever?
I bought the full Amiga Forver 8 premium edition, and thought I would throw the full KX light version onto an old Thinkpad. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it has been updated for at least 7 years! It is still using the 2.6 kernel and only supports 32bit hardware. Granylted, I guess it doesn't need much, but it would be nice if it supported current hardware. It likes to freeze upon trying to create the file systems.

tero 05 September 2019 13:05

It doesn't freeze on my system but an updated kxlight would be a nice idea.
The workbench could live with an overhaul aswell.

slaapliedje 05 September 2019 18:13

Yeah, sorry the freeze is specifically at the stage where it is supposed to copy wverything to the hardrive if you do the full install.

tero 05 September 2019 18:34

What filesystem did you you try to install to? ext3?

Did you install from original CD or did you use a iso. Could be a bad media aswell. If you used an iso try to burn on another cd, maybe with slower speed.

More info on installing kxlight here:

slaapliedje 06 September 2019 03:23

It is an official Amiga Forever 8 Premium edition. Now that I think about it, it probably formatted as ext2, since it uses the old sdisk I think. Though it is 2.6.24 kernel, so most likely ext3.

To be fair, it does kind of look like they just burned the DVD and printed the label on it. Doesn't look like a manufactured one.

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