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RetroMan 25 September 2002 14:49

Reset Bug ?
Dunno if this is really a bug or just happens to me ...

I have OS 3.9 installed on a HDF file with WinUAE 0.8.22R1 and it doesn´t matter which way I try to reset WinUAE it just quits :sad

F12 -> MISC -> RESET AMIGA = WinUAE quits !
CTRL - Left Windows Key - Right Windows Key = WinUAE quits !


Haven´t made a log file yet, I´ll fo after work ;) Anybody else with this behaviour of WinUAE ?

JohnH 25 September 2002 20:31

I have this same problem,but for me it crashes my computer with DDraw errors and I have to restart the machine.If I do a hard reset or quit from within UAE using uae-control then there are no problems

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