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Nyarlathotep 14 January 2003 00:52

Window to Full Screen
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I made a configuration for WinUae with a 720*576 window.
All ok, but if I wanna switch to Full Screen I can't... look at the image.
I know there isn't a 720*576 full screen resolution... but why I can't go to 800*600?

Frazor 14 January 2003 13:19

I see in your picture you didn't check the "Full Screen" checkbox, first check it and maybe after you can select the 800*600 resolution.

Steve 14 January 2003 14:02


With this handy tool you can create your own custom 720x576 fullscreen mode. But yeah checking the Fullscreen tickbox would also help. :P

mtb 14 January 2003 22:44

Interesting... downloading now.

But with openGL is possible to resize the amiga screen to fit the whole monitor screen. And also games with little screen areas can fit the monitor [ if i haven't misunderstood what you want to do ]

Nyarlathotep 15 January 2003 00:09

I didn't check "Full Screen" in the pic... :)
My question wasn't clear... so I try to explain better.
Sometimes I need to switch from window to full screen, and back, when I'm running WinUae... without close and restart it.
If my window configuration is 800*600 it works... I can go Full Screen and back.
If it's 720*576 (which I think is better) then WinUae doesn't allow me to go Full Screen.
Maybe Steve got the solution... thanks to him.

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