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Sinphaltimus 07 November 2016 23:34

GVP Impact Series II A500 HD+
I've upgraded the firmware from here:

and I don't know how to do NOTE 2, disable the ROM driver.

Assuming a fresh clean install of workbench on a 50MB SCSI HDD.

"Note 1: When burning a 16-KB image into a 27256, make sure you burn the image both into the lower half of the EPROM (at offset 0) and into the upper half (at offset 0x4000). Note 2: To use the BindDrivers driver, you have to disable the ROM driver first."

I've already got the eprom programmed and working.

Can someone help and explain what I need to do?

Sinphaltimus 08 November 2016 01:36

Nevermind. I only have to do that if I want to use the bind drivers driver. I don't have to do that with a newly programmed rom. DOH!

Jope 08 November 2016 13:24

Yep, you got it.

Disabling the ROM driver is the same thing as turning off autoboot via the switch on top, so definitely not something you do if you want to use the ROM driver. :-)

Sinphaltimus 08 November 2016 14:01

Thanks for the confirmation. So happy this worked.

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