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gimbal 21 October 2018 16:34

Nice full Voodoo Nightmare playthrough
I stumbled upon this nice comment-free longplay of Voodoo Nightmare. The full playlist:


The reason why I share this is because this was a complete surprise find to me, until recently you could find maybe one or two videos on this forgotten flawed classic done by players who were really just picking it up for the first time and having a go at it just to fill a video. And then all of a sudden boom: a complete playthrough, legit too without a trainer.

This game really kicked my butt when I was young because I could just never progress beyond the third temple, I got horribly stuck not knowing what to do running endless loops around the jungle. And that was with trainer, because the jungle would just eat me alive otherwise. On false step and a plunge into a hole and you're down a life.

Seeing these videos, I now know why I got stuck; I was completely unaware of the ability to cut down bushes with a knife! And you have to do that in order to progress several times. That feels kind of silly now, I figured out on my own how to complete the first set of temples with their devious puzzles but I couldn't figure out this little trick... On the other hand you don't really get a chance to discover that ability as the game is constantly throwing enemies at you that need several hits to kill, if only the nights would last a little longer.

In any case, great to see this game from start to finish and to see all the things I couldn't for the life of me figure out on my own. I didn't miss much though, the later temples look to be a major backtracking chore and the final boss battle is no effort at all. A shame, it could have been a real classic.

"Boots Barker shall return..." - why no, no he did not.

dlfrsilver 22 October 2018 10:38

this game has nice and catchy graphics, but the game is utterly boring !

Palace did not sold tons of this one, hence no sequel........

gimbal 22 October 2018 11:23

It'd probably already have helped a ton if you wouldn't be listening to the same tune over and over and over :)

dlfrsilver 22 October 2018 11:26


Originally Posted by gimbal (Post 1279237)
It'd probably already have helped a ton if you wouldn't be listening to the same tune over and over and over :)

The game mechanics are too monotonous to be enjoyable.

I've watched the whole longplay, and i said to myself (ppffeww..... all this for that...... no thanks !).

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