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AliasXZ 24 January 2008 17:40

hey again

Pinball fantasies requires my a1200 kickstart to be put in devs:kickstarts.

I got Grabkick, but how do I use it to obtain my a1200's kickstart? I cant find any docs anywhere

cheers for help

Retro-Nerd 24 January 2008 18:16

Execute Grabkick and the programme writes the kickstart file into the root of DH0, search for kick39106 or kick4068 files.

AliasXZ 24 January 2008 18:27

it keeps saying invalid kickstart image..

Where is my A1200 kickstart image located? Ramdisk?

Retro-Nerd 24 January 2008 18:29

I thought you have a 3.1 Amiga? You need exactly this Kickstart version for WHDLoad:


Kickstart v3.1 rev 40.68 (1993)(Commodore)(A1200)[!].rom
Your dumped kickstart image is in the root folder of DH0, your hdd. Have you put the "kick4068.A1200.RTB" from the skick346 archive into the Devs/Kickstarts folder too?


AliasXZ 25 January 2008 15:56

Yeah i have put the Kick40068.A1200.RTB there, it just kept saying invalid kickstart image.
Ill have a mess around ;)

cheers for info :)

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