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zzap64 10 October 2019 11:03

Installing Workbench 3.0 onto a HD
Am I right in thinking that "installing" WB3.0 basically means copying over each disk into the System boot partition?

I was using the tool from Amiga Kit on the OS-Install disk, but it seems to be copying rather than installing.

For example, the fonts from the fonts floppy are just all over the parent directory of System, seems ugly, but I can't remember if that's how thing where / looked back in 1993!

Also, do I need to have KS3.1 to install WB3.1?

I'm looking to build a clean system for a WHDLoad install and thinking of buying KS 3.1.4 and WB 3.1.4, but really, is there much of a need to do that?

p.s. Thread should probably be moved to support->other.


DamienD 10 October 2019 11:44


Originally Posted by zzap64 (Post 1350331)
Am I right in thinking that "installing" WB3.0 basically means copying over each disk into the System boot partition?

No, you need to format / partition the .HDF and then install Workbench properly using the installer; not just copy the files from disks.

zzap64 10 October 2019 11:53

I did use the HDInstTools program, so that is doing more than just copying? Should the fonts all just be in the root directory though?

I am using an actual A1200 BTW.

zzap64 10 October 2019 12:00

Booted up my A1200 just now and I think I just used the "copy disks" option from within HDInstTools after formatting the drives.

I see there is a OS-Install program in the "c" folder of the OS-Install disk, so I guess I should go again and try using that. I don't think I used that already.... but not actually sure! :-o

Hewitson 10 October 2019 12:47

Why are you not using the Installer on the Install disk?

WB 3.1 generally works fine on KS 3.0.

zzap64 10 October 2019 13:01

I don't have an install disk for WB 3.0. I do have one for WB3.1 but it's in ADF format, so was looking for an easier method first before trying to convert and get that over to the Amiga.

I think I have found the solution now anyway:

Booted from the WB3.0 disk. Inserted the OS-Install disk from AmigaKit. Loaded c/OS-Install and that did all the correct installation.

If I booted form the OS-Install disk, it tried to copy to an non existing device.

No more font files all over the root folder so it looks good.

Daedalus 10 October 2019 16:41

You can get away with copying the various files across, but there are a few subtle differences when installed using the proper installer. For instance, the installer will back up older versions of files it finds already installed, and will automatically copy across various items from storage and Locale to their active locations based on your installer choices. HDToolbox will be missing as well, and IIRC there were a couple of minor changes to the S:Startup-sequence, but in general there's nothing magical about the install that can't be done by hand if you understand the OS file structure.

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