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BarryB 25 August 2012 13:44

Any mags that had blank coverdisks?
Just wondering as I've got a bag full of old coverdisks I stored in the cellar (which now have mould/dust etc on the disks) so am in the process of cleaning them all by opening the top half of the disk, taking out the platter and washing/cleaning it then putting it in a 'surrogate' disk case and imaging with Kryoflux.

Anyway, Amiga Format 62b (Detroit Demo) had the same treatment but when put in the surrogate disk case the whole disk is blank according to Kryoflux, not one AmigaDOS track? All the other disks I've done so far have been AmigaDOS and AMR has an ADF of disk 62b which is AmigaDOS, but it appears my Disk 62b isn't :crying Can't believe 'Bit Rot' or mould would destroy the entire disk and also can't believe I've 'washed off' all the data :shocked

So does this sound like a genuine 'Blank' coverdisk?

Phantom 25 August 2012 14:05

Did you try that 'blank' disk into a real Amiga? Were those coverdisks yours from the beginning or maybe someone else just formatted it?

Either way, it can happens sometimes, to get a 'blank' coverdisk, but I believe it's really rare. :)

BarryB 25 August 2012 15:12

Same happens in a real A500, and they were all bought by me back in the day so no reason to format it. Probably just unlucky, wonder if SPS have this disk dumped?

Phantom 25 August 2012 15:53

So you're looking for Amiga Format 62b (Detroit Demo) coverdisk?

BarryB 25 August 2012 16:18

Yep, AMR has it as an ADF which I've downloaded, would prefer a Kryoflux dump if possible though!

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