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IFW 10 February 2003 05:31

Codetapper: no, it is not the free version. We'd have said if it was. As I said they are both retail versions and One fo them is an older release.
We have another budget/free version dumped, but we concentrate on retail versions whenever possible.
Both versions released make good use of Copylock, just try to copy them ;)

andreas 10 February 2003 18:27

Re: Rainbow Islands differences

Originally posted by Codetapper
Tracks 1-159 are identical on each version so I wouldn't bother playtesting this version as it will be the same as the previous one.
Thanks a LOT for the infos, Codetapper! :great
(For the "warning" as well, preventing me from spending my time again playing this game ;))

BTW, you're not alone :) WindowsKiller posted exactly the same in the German forum (as much as "the difference is only a handful of characters, not more"), so we have one info now, proved by at least two people!
Sounds plausible.

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