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mattbarton.exe 22 August 2009 18:38

Activision's Ghostbusters (David Crane)
Hi, folks. My latest "Matt Chat" is about David's Crane's Ghostbusters for the C-64. The clip gives the story of the game's development and even shows the SMS version, which adds a lot of bells and whistles to the original.

Please check it out and let me know what you think!


Sensi 22 August 2009 18:54

I love this game, love :bowdown

I used to play it so much on speccy, never beated final ghost (and its so simple), I finished it in 2007 for the first time. I prefer Atari version.

Im in the middle of the video, great, as usual :great

He slimed me :D

Retro-Nerd 22 August 2009 18:57

Another fine Activision classic. Played it endless with some friends as a kid. It's still fun to play it a few minutes on my C64. :)

TCD 22 August 2009 19:01

I remember that when I got that game I was quite confused because I didn't knew what all the different items were for. Then the game started and it even got more confusing ;) Found out what I had to do though and really liked the game on the C64. Later when I got my A500 I was quite dissapointed that there wasn't a version of this game for it. Oh and of course hearing the 'Ghostbusters!' sample on the C64 was just awesome back then :D
Btw : I think I also had the TBC cracked version... ;)

mattbarton.exe 22 August 2009 19:20

Thanks for the comments, guys. You are fast!

I am still amazed at the originality of the movie and the game. What other movie out there is like Ghostbusters? I can't think of any, really. The sequel was okay, but not nearly as exciting (IMO) as the first one.

The CC coverage makes a big deal out of the intro sequence. It seems funny today; people don't realize how impressive that was back then. You just didn't expect to hear your computer talk!

Has anyone here tried the new Ghostbusters game? I've been very tempted to buy it for my Wii or PC.

Peter 23 August 2009 01:28

I loved the film - I read some where that there was talk originally of John Candy being in it but for some reason or another he never featured...

A good era for US comedy films...

Nice video Matt - have to be honest, I never played the game!

mattbarton.exe 23 August 2009 01:33

John Candy and some others are in Ray Parker Jr.'s video for the Ghostbusters theme song. Look it up on Youtube! :P

adolescent 23 August 2009 01:51

Great video Matt! It brings back lots of memories playing that on my C64.

BTW, the theme song sounds very different from what I remember. Is that just bad SID emulation or am I remembering it better than it was?

Retro1234 23 August 2009 09:41

I had this game on the Atari 2600 - Nice game - I didnt know there was a Sega MasterSystem Version it looks quite different ill have to give this a go -I hope it works on AmiMasterGear.

Peter 23 August 2009 19:44

Your right - there are loads of US stars in the video Matt... LINK

I spotted John Candy and also Cornelius Crane Chase (Chevy Chase) - apparently he and Bill Murray did not get on, I think I even spotted a young looking Jeffrey Tambor (the legendary Hank Kingsley from The Larry Sanders Show) in there somewhere as well...

I really fancy watching the film again!

TCD 23 August 2009 19:50


Originally Posted by Peter (Post 587023)
I really fancy watching the film again!

I did yesterday (wonder why... ;)) Hasn't lost anything! Really enjoyed watching it again :great
Guess it's also time to replay the game then too :)

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