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fc.studio 02 December 2007 14:45

Operation mouse rescue
I have a mouse with low responsive left mouse button.
It came with an A600 and is branded Commodore P/NO 327124-15 Made in Malaysia (10/92).
I would like to try to repair and save it, but my problem is that I don't find a way to open it since I can't see any screw.
If you have one, could you suggest me how to open it?
I hate to trash Amiga items.

OddbOd 02 December 2007 15:04

Unless it snaps together (unlikely) the screws will be underneath the friction pads that are stuck to the bottom. I think I might know the mouse you mean, is it Amiga biege and rounded off at the front and back?

fc.studio 03 December 2007 08:18

2 Attachment(s)
Mmmmm.... I could try to remove the friction pads and check if there are screws under them, but surely it would be a final removal.

I enclose 2 photos with the mouse like the one I have.

Charlie 03 December 2007 10:09

Ah, I know that mouse - been painting some ;)

On the underside there should be a manufacturer's lable going most of the width located between the ball opening (oo-er) & the 1/2 moon shaped friction pad @ the back.

If true - removing that lable (with a craft knife) shoud reveal two deep holes with cross-head screws @ the base.

With those out the rear of the mouse should open without a struggle (oo-er again) but the front won't! Holding the lower 1/2 firmly, pull the top 1/2 up @ the same time as pushing it forward should release the clip @ the front.

Once inside your mouse (fnar-fnar) there should be two little buttons @ the front mounted to the circuit board. Do they both go 'click'..? Good - it's probably crap(tm) gumming up the keys in the main shell - time to give your dirty mouse a good scrubbing. (ooeor-matron)

If the little button(s) don't go 'click' they are probably buggered - how good is your soldering..?

fc.studio 03 December 2007 10:56

Thanks! An Amiga mouse rescued.

Jope 03 December 2007 11:01

Btw, if you don't want to ruin labels like that, use a hair dryer on max blast for a while.

Then take a normal pin from a bulletin board and use that under the corner of the label to pick up a corner and it should come out neatly.

I've swapped many "tamperproof" labels from Nokia phones that way when changing cracked covers.

fc.studio 03 December 2007 11:37

Oh yes Jope, it's a good idea to use the hair dryer, but sincerly it's not important for me to ruin or not the labels since they are always on the bottom side of the mouse. Who can see them? It's our little secret! ;) :laughing

However this is a good suggestion about floppy labels.

...and again, just one more Amiga mouse rescued! :)

Jope 03 December 2007 14:43

Yep. I'm just a materialist in the bad sense. I don't want to irreversibly modify anything if I can't help it. :-)

Charlie 03 December 2007 15:26

Regardless of how 'original' you want to keep your mouse, Jope's point is a good one if for any reason you remove the friction pads - you'll want to put them back...
...mine are now attached with superglue so it's not likely I'll be removing them again.

fc.studio 03 December 2007 19:44


Originally Posted by Jope (Post 375552)
I don't want to irreversibly modify anything.

Here I'm a bit irrational.
About Amiga, I like A1200 and A600 to seem basic models, but then they are ultra-powerfull (hardware and software). I hate those models with Hard drive or CD/DVD drive in floppy drive place, power cables or switches coming out from the case, noising fans or raised case to improve cooling and finally I don't like towered Amiga.
But, as I said I'm a bit irrational, I would like to have an A1200 with internal slim DVD drive over the hard disk, right side with USB port.

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